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    Question Javascript XML parsing function causes all loading animations to stop...

    Greetings all,

    I have a problem our sites at work show an animation (gif) for the loading graphic on all ajax pages. The graphic does run through the xml request, but as soon as a large javascript function starts parsing the xml into code, basically all things in the browser (IE6 SP2) halt including the animation.

    I have also tried a CSS/Javascript loading bar to no effect.

    Does anyone know how I might keep the loading animation running while the javascript parses the xml out?


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    If you try to do a lot of intense javascript processing, you will notice this quite a bit. Firefox freezes up pretty quickly as well.

    It's the main reason I feel that useable & practical "javascript applications" are still a ways off, because most of the browser javascript engines have poor performance and will grind the browser to a halt when you start doing too much, which doesn't have to be much at all.

    You can probably tweak & optimize the javascript some, but that will only get you so far. Is there any way you can offload any of the parsing or processing from javascript to a server side script? Or what about using a method that delivers the data to javascript in an easier to parse format, such as JSON?

    Sorry, those are the only ideas I have at the moment.
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