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    Localization from the UI engineer perspective

    I am waist deep in writing a design specification on how localization will impact one of my client's websites. I've gotten past all the "we need to add this here" type stuff and am now trying to address the broader impact of layout and design in regard to non-latin based character languages. This client uses a 3 column, fixed width design and my concern is that the character languages will blow up the layout. Typography that looks great in english is very likely going to look really sloppy in Chinese. This brings me to my question:

    Are there things that a CSS programmer can do to ease the pain of localization? Fixed pixel fonts sizes (px) over scalable (em)? How do my style sheets need to be updated to prepare for localization? Any articles or tutorials out there that anyone can recommend? A book? I'm open and eager to learn what I can do to make this the most pleasant experience not just for my client but for the international users of the client's website.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughtful responses!
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