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    Unhappy Starting my first php / mysql website


    I just have a quick query and was hoping that an experienced developer may be able to help me out.

    I have mysql4 installed on my localhost along with iis and php 5.

    This probably sounds like a stupid question but once I upload the php files to my web server will they interact properly with the data held in my local mysql database?

    I'm just practising at the moment on a couple of sites but the time is going to come when I'll want to have a working mysql database with php website.

    Also, at the moment I can only get php/mysql to work when the files are in the root c drive folder so what happens when they are transferred via the ftp onto the web server?

    I can forsee quite a few problems with this one and I'm just wondering if it would be easier to just use my hosts empty mysql databases via the control panel.

    If anyone can tell me how they deal with mysql and php files from past experiences that would be grand.


    Dave the webweasel

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    I don't know anything about the root folder problem, you'll have to ask the IIS guys in the server configuration forum I suppose.

    Yes, PHP will be able to talk to your local MySQL database, that's probably its most common use. There are thousands of Windows computers running PHP and MySQL. When you need to enter the hostname of your database server to connect to it, use "localhost" and it'll connect to the local machine.


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