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    CSS problem with rounded corners


    I am finalising a student website redesign and have a layout issue which is appearing in Firefox.

    In IE the layout of the rounded corner in the main content area is working. In Firefox it adds a vertical bar on the left hand side. I am guessing that IE is working around an issue with the CSS structure.

    I am stumped as to why this is happening because the same rounded corner code is working fine on the same page in the top right corner within Firefox

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated:

    the CSS can be found at:



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    I've been looking at this, but I can't find the problem. The HTML is invalid, which always makes me suspicious (always make sure the markup is OK before tracking down style bugs).

    I created a simple test document with the same style rules that apply to your elements, and there was no gap.

    The IMG element you use for the upper left rounded corner is, for some reason, shifted 4px to the right.

    Of course, the natural solution would be to set that corner as the background image of an existing element, rather than introducing extraneous DIV and IMG elements, but that's beside the point, I guess.
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