Hi All,

I'm a web developer myself, but looking to sub-contract some work out to others (sorry - I'm not looking for applicants!).

What I want to get hold of, or develop myself, is a set of guidelines/standards that I can hand to some who does work for me and say "right, this is the framework within which I'd like you to work". It would be a general document of web development standards such which folder structure to use on the web server, which file extensions to use (eg. .php and not .php4...), whether to use CSS or not, which browsers to be compatible with, which php files I'd expect to see (eg. common.inc, functions.inc), etc.

In other words, it would attempt to establish a project-independent (as far as that is possible) web site development framework. Naturally, it would be a living document, subject to improvement based on accumulated experience. Far from being an attempt to 'tell a programmer how to program', the idea is to assist in the process of managing multiple programmers/developers collaborating on the same web development project at the same time.

Does anyone know of such a document that I could use as a template to build my own? Or perhaps you'd like to post some suggested basic guidelines of your own to this thread? Maybe you have other advice/ideas you'd like to share on the subject of collaborative web development?

Thanks very much.