My client is a hip hop live performance group. I am trying to create a Flash movie interface on the right side of the homepage that displays fade in/fade out animations that help explain what the group is about. The movies themselves are no problem..just a large photograph with text placed on top of them, like a magazine cover.

BUT, the surrounding interface is giving me the creative drain. Ever noticed how feature film websites expertly use Flash to help create the vision of the movie online? That's what I'm trying to do with this hip-hop themed site, and the design elements I'm thinking of using are graffiti images, a composition book, and a microphone. Does anyone know of any good Flash sites that utilize hip hop imagery as part of the GUI?

One idea I have in mind is to show a large photo of the group's theatre, blur it, and then have a composition book fade or cut in, with the name of the group on it.

Or, simply using a graffiti background where the group's logo animates itself into view (using a mask) and then the background fades out, replaced by the first photo.

I was also thinking about a montage, but it's risky because I want the Flash interface to look non-distracting to the visitor's eye. The focus should be on the navigational menu first, the movies second.

Thanks for the design advice!