Need advice: How can I improve the performance of my WordPress site?

Hi Site point Community,
I want a your expert Guides: How can I improve the performance of my WordPress site?

What makes you think it’s not performing well?

Welcome to the forums, @alex1goodwin23.

In what sense are you using “performance”? You’ve added multiple unconnected tags to your topic, and you can’t possibly expect to cover all of those aspects in one thread.

Please provide more information on which aspect of performance you wish to discuss, and what specific problems you are currently experiencing in that area.

i have lazyload issue and other images optimization issue

So… what advice are you hoping to get from the forum other than “optimize your images and loads”?

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Improving the performance of your WordPress site involves several key strategies. Firstly, optimizing images by compressing them without sacrificing quality can significantly reduce page load times. Secondly, utilizing caching through plugins can store static versions of your site, speeding up loading for returning visitors. for more information visit seotize

I do miss the days before ChatGPT when people had to copy and paste these lists instead of having the bot generate them every time.

So we’ve got one post that said “optimize your images and loads” in a paragraph form, and one regurgitated bot list with spam links in it. Have we met the quota for this thread yet?

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Let’s give the OP a few days to come back. If they don’t we’ll close the thread.