Hi all..

I'm looking for an app with a store-front connected to some sort of a centralized database, and a backend tracking/input system..
It's for a store to sell any type of items..

when the shipment comes in, i need to enter the x amount of items into the database.. so then the customer can purchase those items..
when customers purchase x amount of items, i need to know how many of one specific item are left in stock, so i can order more for my store.

I need it to have many fields, such as Name, item#, original price, reduced price, 5 images of the same item, description, various item sizes and colors.
But I don't necessarly need it to have credit card processing. I'd like to process all credit card purchases manually.. I'd rather have the shopping cart send me an email with the order, i'll contact customer to verify order and manually process the order (anyone know what this type of a transaction or shopping cart is called by the way?)

The app can be written in web dev language/database.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.