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    A little while ago, I posted that I had a problem installing PHP on PWS 4. THat problem was solved, but I had need or reinstalling PWS (or at least I thought I did, so I did) and therefore had to re-install PHP. Now I get a 500 internal server error everytime I try to access a php page through the server. Any thoughts on what gives here?
    Ed Rands

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    Sounds like PWS isn't finding PHP properly. A 500 error means the server was unable to process the request due to an error in the server-side script. In cases of PHP and PWS, this problem is usually that PWS is somehow misconfigured and cannot locate and run PHP.EXE.

    These kinds of problems are all too common with PWS. For this reason, I highly recommend using a different Web server. On my own development machine, I use Sambar Server (free) for local testing of PHP scripts. Check out my post here for instructions on setting up Sambar with PHP:
    Kevin Yank
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