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Thread: X tool tips

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    X tool tips

    I just downloaded the X package which I'm enjoying immensely - thanks to the developers.

    One small bugette I just saw, has anyone else seen this?

    Using IE6 on Win2000, I went to the tooltips demo. Try resizing the browser so that the tipped phrase "lorem ipsum" in the first para is close to the right hand edge, then when you mouse the phrase, to stay in the window, the tip box resizes itself to be several rows high. This means it projects down over the phrase that it popped up from.

    If in doing so, the tip finds itself under the mouse, it promptly closes.
    Then the mouse is again over the words, so the tip reappears, but the
    tip is under the mouse, so it closes, etc, etc, etc.

    Hope this helps someone


    - Dave

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    Hi Dave, Welcome to SitePoint Forums!

    You're very welcome. I'm glad you're having fun with it

    The tooltip demo, like many of the demos, is something I threw together very quickly in response to a question at the forums. The effect you see is simply because the css class "xtip3" specifies "width:auto; height:auto;". I changed it to "width:180px; height:14px;". This doesn't completely solve the problem but it's a little better than before.

    Have lots of X fun, and feel free to ask any questions


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