I recently used the JavaScript generously provided by SitePoint to launch pop-up windows from my Flash site.


It works great on my system but when it's out there on the net a couple of issues exist.

The first is the issue of screen display size. My display is set to 1024 x 768. I sized and positioned the pop-up (which I use as a video player) to: width=700, height=360,left=145,top=110. This works great on my display. I checked the site using a display setting of 800 x 600 and (of course) the pop-up window is much larger (this I don't mind so much) and it bleeds off the screen to the left (this really bugs me). I know that the settings for width and height I am using are causing this issue.

Here's two possible work arounds I would like to ask about.

1. Is there a "sniffer" that I can use to determine the screen size of a visitor to my site that can be interractive with JavaScript with a variable statement?

2. Failing the "sniffer" idea ... can I set the width and height settings in JavaScript to universally center the pop-up instead of left/top settings?

The second issue is puzzling. I have included: toolbar=no, menubar=no,location=no,status=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=no in my JavaScript (in the "Actions" of Flash). On my system, the window pops up with my html design placed perfectly wall to wall within the pop-up and the window can't be sized. This is exactly what I want.

When I view the site on other computers (PC and Mac) the pop-ups appear (on screen displays set to 1024 x 728) perfectly -- with two exceptions: The pop-up window can be sized by dragging the corner of it with the mouse (thus exposing ugly ragged edges of my design) and the html design is not wall to wall within the window -- the user is forced to resize the window to see some of the buttons I've included to control the video.

OK enough babbling...

Anyone got any solutions?