Dear All

Your comments would be much appreciated.

1/ "Making money" from your website is not as hard as it sounds just depends on how many mouths you have to feed.

2/ Selling information is much easier, cheaper and cost effective with little to no risk.

3/ Quality dynamic content helps drive traffic to your site therefore to your message.

4/ Being a big fish in a small pond has its advantages.

5/ Get large amounts of traffic and people start to offer you opportunities.

6/ Focus on multiple interlinking self owned site strategy.

7/ 10 small sites are better than one big one, but you still must have the one big one.

8/ Multiple sites perform better if there is a common thread, even if this threat is merely target audience.

9/ Don't make a site do multiple things - one site one goal works beautifully.

10/ Optimise your site for traffic before you optimise for the eye - but don't ignore the eye.

11/ Quality traffic will make you money - just depends on how much quality and how much traffic.

12/ Online traffic attracted from online sources are better buying prospects to buy online.

13/ If your promoting a bricks and mortar entity don't try to sell product online sell the enquiry instead.

14/ Basic offline marketing and selling skills work online assuming the product stacks up.

15/ Its not only seeing the idea that counts its how you implement it that counts.

Kind Regards