W3C HTML5 Conference – Video

By Ricky Onsman

W3C ConferenceThe web standards organization W3C held its first ever conference, HTML5 and the Open Web Platform, on Tuesday, November 15 and Wednesday, November 16 2011 in Redmond, Washington.

SitePoint was fortunate to obtain permission to bring you a Live Stream of the conference for developers and designers wanting to learn the latest on HTML5 and the open web platform.

For your reference, the conference schedule was as follows:

Tuesday, November 15

8:30am-8:40am: Welcome: Contributing to Open Standards – Ian Jacobs (W3C)

8:40am-9:10am:  Testing to Perfection – Philippe Le Hégaret (W3C)

9:10am-9:55am: Community Groups: A case study with Web Payments – Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar)

9:55am-10:10am:  Shortcuts: Developer Documentation – Doug Schepers (W3C)

10:15am – 11:00am: Break

11:00am-11:45am: 5 CSS Magic Potions for your Layout Troubles from the Future – Divya Manian (Opera)

11:45am-12:30pm: Web Graphics – a large creative palette – Vincent Hardy (Adobe)

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-2:10pm: Web Performance: Making the Web Faster – Arvind Jain (Google)

2:10pm-2:25pm: Shortcuts: Getting off (line) with the HTML5 app cache – John Allsopp (Web Directions)

2:25pm-3:10pm: The N-Screens Problem: Building Apps in a World of TV and Mobiles – Rajesh Lal (Nokia)

3:10pm – 3:40pm: Break

3:40pm-4:25pm: The Great HTML5 Divide: How Polyfills and Shims Let You Light Up Your Sites in Non-Modern Browsers – Rey Bango (Microsoft)

4:25pm-4:40pm: Shortcuts: Web Typography – Christopher Slye (Adobe Systems, Inc.)

4:40pm-5:25pm: HTML5: The Foundation of the Web Platform – Paul Irish (Google)

5:25pm-5:30pm: Closing Remarks – Doug Schepers (W3C)

Wednesday, November 16

8:30am-8:35am: Welcome – Doug Schepers (W3C)

8:35am-9:20am: HTML5 Demo Fest: the Best from the Web – Giorgio Sardo (Microsoft)

9:20am-9:35am: Shortcuts: Data Visualization with Web Standards – Mike Bostock (Square)

9:35am – 10:05am: Break

10:05am-10:50am: Universal Access: A Practical Guide to Accessibility, ARIA, and Script – Becky Gibson (IBM)

10:50am-11:35am: Securing the Next Generation of Web Apps – Brad Hill (Paypal), Scott Stender (iSEC Partners)

11:35am – 12:35pm: Lunch

12:35pm-12:50pm: Shortcuts: Touch Events – Grant Goodale (Massively Fun)

12:50pm-1:35pm: Hello. Games. HTML5 Gaming Today – Grant Skinner (

1:35pm-2:05pm: Shortcuts: Modernizr in 15 minutes – Faruk Ateş

2:05pm – 2:35pm: Break

2:35pm-3:45pm: PANEL: Browsers and Standards: Where the Rubber Hits the Road – Art Barstow (Nokia), Paul Cotton (Microsoft), Tantek Çelik (Mozilla), Charles McCathieNevile (Opera), Chris Wilson (Google), Peter Vosshall (Amazon)

3:45pm-3:50pm: Closing Remarks

Recordings of the Sessions will be available here upon completion of the conference:

Fine Print:

SitePoint, in collaboration with W3C, is bringing you this live stream.


Sponsors of the W3C Conference are:

Microsoft Microsoft is proud to support open Web standards and developer education through events such as W3Conf. Microsoft has funded the event venue, the meals, the video streaming, the site design, and helped with the event planning and logistics.

Platinum Sponsor

Adobe Nokia

Gold Sponsors

W3C, Microsoft, at&t, Adobe and Nokia are in no way directly affiliated with SitePoint for sponsorship purposes, but have provided their support to W3C for the purposes of this live stream and the W3C Conference.  W3C, Microsoft at&t, Adobe and Nokia are owners of their respective trademarks.

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    Excellent Event !!
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    Congratulatulations and Thanxs for ideas like that !!

    Regards from mexico.

    Magic Designer

  • Great!!

    This is gonna be so interesting ! and the best thing is that´s FREE!!

  • Awesome, This is great event. I loved it and Thankyou Sitepoint.

  • great :)

  • Peter O’hanrahanrahan

    The “open web” requires a silverlight plugin.

    I wonder whos sponsoring the event?

  • Thanks for doing this – it’s a great resource to the community.

    I’m going to catch what I can live, but will the video be available for download somewhere afterward for those who have other obligations but would still like to see it?

    • Just answered my own question. Didn’t catch that snippet at the bottom. Cheers!

  • mk

    But can we download this for later viewing???

  • Mark

    I am trying to view this in London but it will not stream at the moment – anyone else having trouble? Anywhere else I can this video?

    • Hi Mark, the second day of the conference starts 4.30pm your time. The feed will be live then.

  • Mark Atherton

    Think my last comment may well to do with my WiFi connection?

  • I loved it and Thankyou Sitepoint. But can we download this for later viewing???

    • Currently, we’re waiting on a video copy of the entire conference to display on this page. In the meantime, individual presentations – and the panel discussion, which I found particularly interesting – can be viewed online at the W3C website.

  • just want to thakn you on the fantastic event!

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