Build a Media Player with HTML

Guilherme Muller

The possibilities for media in HTML have taken off with the introduction of the video and audio elements in HTML5. Now we can embed video and audio in websites without the need for proprietary technologies like Flash or Silverlight.

With browser support better than ever, and new technologies like WebVTT starting to arrive, now is a great time to get to know (or to revisit) these new HTML elements.

SitePoint has just launched Build Your Own HTML Media Player, a course that gets you up to speed with HTML5 media elements and how to take them to the next level with CSS and JavaScript.

Here's a video from the course that gets the ball rolling, showing you how to structure the HTML code for a custom media player. (Later videos demonstrate how to build on this with CSS and JavaScript to create a fully functioning, custom media player.)

Loading the player…

You can download the source files for this demo on GitHub.

If you found this useful, check out the full course at SitePoint — which takes you from the basics right up to developing a fully functioning, custom media player, playing both audio and video.