The SitePoint Christmas Sale is a’coming!

Tom Museth

If you clued onto last year’s SitePoint Christmas Sale, you’ll know that it is a fantastic way to pick up some extraordinary bargains.

For the duration of the sale, SitePoint are going to bundle together various products at up to 96% off the usual price: web development and design books, ebooks, videos, courses and more.

These Christmas bundles share a topic, or a format, or an outcome … or just an irresistible bargain.

Some time during the sale there’ll be a massive Freebie Day, where a bundle of goodies worth $700 will be offered absolutely free. Included will be:

  • SEM and SEO Tools
  • Site Optimization Stuff
  • WordPress and Design Themes
  • Web Icons
  • Stock Images
  • Ebooks

The sale doesn’t actually start until November 29, but you can sign up now to be notified as the bargains start appearing.

Go on … get in the festive mood, and get ready for some serious savings.