The SitePoint Christmas Sale is a’coming!

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If you clued onto last year’s SitePoint Christmas Sale, you’ll know that it is a fantastic way to pick up some extraordinary bargains.

For the duration of the sale, SitePoint are going to bundle together various products at up to 96% off the usual price: web development and design books, ebooks, videos, courses and more.

These Christmas bundles share a topic, or a format, or an outcome … or just an irresistible bargain.

Some time during the sale there’ll be a massive Freebie Day, where a bundle of goodies worth $700 will be offered absolutely free. Included will be:

  • SEM and SEO Tools
  • Site Optimization Stuff
  • WordPress and Design Themes
  • Web Icons
  • Stock Images
  • Ebooks

The sale doesn’t actually start until November 29, but you can sign up now to be notified as the bargains start appearing.

Go on … get in the festive mood, and get ready for some serious savings.

Tom MusethTom Museth
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Tom is the online managing editor at SitePoint. His working day consists of arming himself with an assembly line of long blacks and overseeing the curation of content and flow of traffic across the SitePoint network. His passions include bargain vinyl bins, yoga, juggling sci-fi novels with classic literature, and axolotls. He's currently wading into the world of Android development and HTML5 gaming.

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