By Bruno Skvorc

PhpStorm 8 Released – See What’s New and Grab a Free License

By Bruno Skvorc

Edit: the giveaway is closed and the winners have been notified. Thanks for participating!

This week marks the release of PhpStorm 8. It’s no secret PhpStorm has been a long personal favorite of mine after having won me over from Zend Studio, Netbeans and Sublime Text, and we’ve covered the tool extensively before, most notably with the shortcuts guide by yours truly. By following the EAPs, we also taken a look at the new features in PhpStorm 8 before it even came out. Now that the day has finally come, let’s see what else is included, and finish up with a giveaway of free licenses.


New Features in PhpStorm 8

Apart from the previously covered support for Drupal 8, multiple cursors, PHPUnit 4, remote interpreters, Markdown in PHPDoc, PSR4 inspections, ability to open remote URLs from the files referencing them and, of course, Behat support, several new improvements were made in the time since aforementioned post was published.


Laravel’s template engine, Blade, is finally supported. Like some readers pointed out in the last “new features” post, Blade support was long overdue and Laravel’s popularity has been blowing up while PhpStorm seemed to be ignoring the framework. Far be it from me suggesting an IDE should have built-in support for every framework out there (where would we be now, bloat-wise, had they jumped on board with CodeIgniter or CakePHP and built them into the core?) but Laravel did kind of become the de-facto newbie framework (as in, most welcoming to newbies – don’t get upset!) and making its template engine even easier to use with out of the box syntax highlights, navigation assists and autocompletion will go a long way in making sure the newcomers stick around and don’t feel intimidated when they meet a templating engine for the first time.

Language Mixing

You could always easily write SQL queries in your PHP code in PhpStorm, and it usually recognized everything you wanted to accomplish rather well. Adding in dynamic values, however, didn’t always go too smoothly. In an environment in which you configure your editor to be very strict about standards and code cleanliness, a throng of yellow warnings in the right gutter can really annoy a person.

Language Injection has now been completely revamped to better support detecting languages within languages. Go ahead and read the post – you’ll be blown away by the smooth workflow that is now possible.

Framework Support

Apart from Blade, actual framework support has been drastically enhanced too. This functionality is not built-in as it would not make sense to bloat the IDE that much, but they are all available through plugins. Just look at that list of offered frameworks!

Behat Support Upgraded

In addition to pure intellisense for autocompletion of Behat syntax, the support for this BDD supertool has been further upgraded. You now have a full dashboard for viewing succeeding and failing tests rather than just terminal output, detailed step by step reports, run configurations you can define for various scenarios and conditions, and much, much more. Expect some intense Behat coverage on SitePoint soon, and in the meanwhile, check out their in-depth tutorial.


I mentioned this already in my monthly news recap, but it deserves another mention. We looked at Z-Ray briefly in the Zend Server article from a while back, but there was no indication of them ever including it in PhpStorm which is, for all intents and purposes, a competing product (Zend Studio vs. PhpStorm, a clash of the titans if there ever was one).

The integration of Z-Ray – by far the most advanced PHP debugging tool ever created to date – in PhpStorm makes for a perfect blend of two of the most powerful PHP development tools currently available out there, and instantly transforms you into a significantly more capable programmer (if not developer).

In addition to this, the teamup resulted in a discount code for Zend Server, too, so you can get it 20% cheaper at if you use the promo code PHPSTORM.

If you’d like to know more about Z-Ray and its integration with PhpStorm, see here, and don’t forget to sign up for the webinar for a detailed course on how to get the most out of it, scheduled for September 23rd.

Apache Cordova

If you’ve been wanting to get into mobile app development with Apache Cordova, PhpStorm now supports this, too. It needs to be added in via a plugin – PhpStorm tries to be light by default – but once done, you have the full power of a “works-on-every-platform-deploys-to-every-platform” IDE at your fingertips.

To quote directly from their site:

“This integration also features a new project generator for PhoneGap and Cordova, and a plugin manager that helps you install plugins from the Cordova plugin registry or any other repository. The plugin can also facilitate your mobile development with Ionic framework.

If this kind of all-encompassing development power doesn’t excite you, you should re-evaluate your love of coding.

Built-in Scratch and Single File Edits

The Scratch plugin has long been used to give the IntelliJ based IDEs the ability to create and edit “scratch” files – throwaway files that belong neither here nor there. You could use them for single-file editing, as intermediary clipboards, as todo lists, drafts, and more. Basically, a non-project-bound text editor inside PhpStorm.

Also, PhpStorm notoriously never could edit individual files without creating a whole project for them. This, and the ability to open multiple projects in the same window are areas in which Netbeans has always beaten PhpStorm. With version 8, two out of three of the aforementioned problems are now solved.

The scratch plugin is now built-in, so you can write your scratch files at will. Furthermore, you can use PhpStorm to open and edit an individual file, without opening an entire project for it.


As a celebratory gesture of the v8 release, Jetbrains has graciously offered to give away three personal licenses to our readers. All you need to do is either comment on this article with your favorite new addition to PhpStorm or your opinion about the IDE (objectively, no need to praise it blankly), or tweet this article to a follower base of at least 50 while using the #phpstorm8sp hashtag, and you’re in the draw. In exactly two weeks, I’ll draw the winners at random.

Are you using PhpStorm? If not, why? If you are, how do you like it, and what would you change, if anything? Which of these new features has the biggest draw for you?

  • Derek Augustine

    I know it’s a small feature, but I really enjoy the fact they added multiple cursors to PhpStorm 8. And with the scratch file / single file mode, there’s no reason for me to even consider opening up a file in SublimeText anymore.

  • Nick Felicelli

    The Laravel blade syntax is my favorite now it won’t annoy me that the syntax is not highlighted.

  • Do I have to pick just one favorite new feature? I love the multiple cursor, so needed it. It was the only thing I felt lacking when I switched from SublimeText. And Blade support out of the box is excellent! No more syntax issues for me using Blade.

    • Multiple features are fine :) What’s so exciting about multiple cursor, I wonder? I see many people craving it, but I myself have never used it anywhere.

      • You’ve never copied a multi-dimensional array and had to change the key? It was possible in 7 but annoying. Changing multiple variable names but not everything is easier with multiple cursors. Created a list and forgotten to put the li tag around them. Multiple cursors to the rescue, in sublime it was create cause end actually went to the end of the line. I never thought I’d use it till it actually came in handy.

        • I can see that happening. Never encountered the scenario, no, but yeah, seems feasible. Cheers

          • Until now I’ve always used vim for that. But copying the code to another editor just for editing it and pasting it back isn’t as cool as the new multiple cursors in PhpStorm 8.

      • samwalshnz

        Oh man! Once you really start to use it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

        • Yup exactly how I felt/feel

      • Tomáš Fejfar

        The main use for me is refactoring string array keys. Practically any refactoring that is not supported by PHPStorm. Or imagine you changed $this->product with $this->getProduct() or something – refactoring will complain that getProduct() is not a proper variable name of course. Use multiple selections instead. It’s really highly addictive. I was using EAP because of that!

      • rizerzero

        hi , can you tell us who won the giveaway ?

    • sami

      Couldn’t agree more. Exactly what I was going to say about multiple cursors. It becomes very handy if I have to copy all request parameters from an API doc and convert them into an array.

  • Roggalog

    Couldn’t comment on this IDE specifically, but I picked up WebStorm recently and have been loving it. Wish I had gone straight to PHPStorm though as it is effectively the same software but with additional PHP centric features.

    • If you plug the PHP plugin into Webstorm, you get the same thing essentially.

      • Roggalog

        Ahh very nice, i’ll check it out. Haven’t delved too deep into the plugins for WebStorm yet.

      • Mikhail.Vink

        In fact, that would be plug PHP plugin into IntelliJ IDEA, not WebStorm, not possible for WebStorm.
        The model is PhpStorm = WebStorm + PHP + DB/SQL

        • gabrewer

          This is my one issue with JetBrains IDEs. If I code in different languages then I dont understand which IDE to buy. It seems like IntelliJ plus plugins is the way to go but the features don’t seem to lag behind the recent development of WebStorm and PhpStorm. Should I get both IntelliJ and PhpStorm for Java, PHP, Html5 Javascript development?

          • Mikhail.Vink

            In fact, getting IntelliJ alone would solve all of this, as all the features of WebStorm and PhpStorm are there either out-of-the-box or with a free plugin. There is a small lag between smaller IDEs and IntelliJ, but it’s mostly filled in by IntelliJ EAP (e.g. right now all the features in PhpStorm 8 are available in PHP plugin for IntelliJ 14 Early Access Program).

          • gabrewer

            Thanks I will check it out

  • hadoob024

    I currently use PHPEd by NuSphere. Any thoughts on comparisons between the two?

    But the additional Blade support in Laravel is what would seal the deal for me!

  • Milan Kundera

    Php Storm should be de facto standard for Php development, expecially for beginners as it supports best practices, unit Testing, code documentation and so on.
    I think that version 8 worths an upgrade from previous releases!

  • Ben Lowery

    I know this may be a small benefit, but I find it irritating when using blade as I want to see colour when I open the file in my editor. Whilst constantly flicking between the docs to make sure I haven’t made a typo. Go LARAVEL!!!!

  • Matt Gagnon

    This seems like it’s going to be the De Facto IDE for the near future. I had a trial version of it and it seemed very robust. It was a steeper learning curve than I was able to tackle at the time though.

  • I just have known about PhpStrom but never had chance to try it. And i liked these new features and liked mobile application and frameworks supports features most. Hope i will win the FREE license and get change to taste it :)

  • John

    Blade highlighting absolutely. I’ve been using the (fantastic) Twig bridge plugin to use Twig in Laravel just because syntax highlighting came with PhpStorm! Wonderful!

  • David

    Language Mixing looks interesting to me. Anyhting that makes PHP and SQL together better is a bonus.

  • a solid editor with a zillion features, really, Blade support in Laravel is a welcome addition!

    I turn off everything in terms of the interface and keep it clean and uncluttered.

    It could need some work in terms of the ui to aid the usual workflow of commiting changes and pushig to a remote repo to deploy to a live server. You can still do this but lots of little icons here and there don’t help important stuff to stand out!

  • dedurus

    Too many favorite features to choose from. Anyway, addition of Blade temple engine seems a great addition to me

  • Morgan Estes

    The WordPress integration is fantastic. I really like being able to jump to hook declarations quickly.

    Extra bonus points for Xdebug integration and code-stepping!

  • M.S. vignesh

    I like the part of apache cordova integration which saves me from using sublime for web and android audio for mobile dev, I can stop switching between them.

  • Mike Uso

    I have been using PhpStorm for at least one year. I really love live templates that i can define. I look forward to framework support in v.8. But sometimes i cant stand losing keyboard input on my linux :/

  • cbuenosvinos

    My favourite features are behat support and Apache cordova integration.

  • kashub

    Blade support will be must useful for me and I like also the language mixing

  • Baldinof

    Multiple carets à la sublime text (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

  • I liked the new plugin for Apache Cordova , I already use phonegap , now I can use PHP IDE Storm , I discovered after I PHP Storm I can only use it , despite not having a license yet, I ‘m still using the mode trial , so soon I’ll have to buy.

  • Umberto Barros

    My favorite additions was multiple cursors and blade template, and I will try the z-ray.

  • Vivek Kumar Bansal

    I really like the multiple cursor in sublime and missed it in phpstorm. It was a huge deal breaker for me. Now that its finally implemented, I’ll try it out soon. And also the support for multiple frameworks is great.

  • Between multiple cursors, smarter backspace, grunt integration, WordPress support, and PHP 5.6 language support, there’s a lot to love in this release!

  • Andrew Lloyd Hodson

    I love the blade support. Im just now getting into frameworks with php!

  • ruigomeseu

    My favorite feature is definitely the Blade support on this new release.

  • Piotr

    Live. Edit.

  • Amy Hendrix

    Favorites: Multiple cursors and WordPress support

  • André

    looks very nice. i’m looking for an new ide and i like phpStorm very much.

  • Darko Šućurović

    The laravel blade syntax is why i have downloaded demo of PHPStorm8, and of course single file edit is a big + ;)

  • My favorite feature is the “just works” WordPress support!

  • huh

    I love Netbeans :)

  • Mladen

    Multiple cursors and generally better editor at first look. We’ll see in time. Still my favorite IDE

  • My favorite new features are definitely the added support for WordPress and multiple cursors.

  • Kuba Turek

    I am very very happy that PhpStorm 8 got Behat support. Previously I’ve needed to search for steps manually and editor haa been showing that all of steps are not implemented. Now it works like a charm. Going to steps definitions by ctrl + click, steps autocomplete in Gherkin, and running test suites straight from PhpStorm… finally BSD is comfortable and… Possible. No doubt, I FELT IN LOVE!

  • For me, WordPress support, no doubt!

  • Lucas Borio

    I’ve been using PhpStorm for two years and It’s my main IDE for PHP development.
    Love the new Apache Cordova Integration, can’t wait to try it out !

  • Jorge Betancourt

    I really love PHPStorm, started using it since version 4/5 I really don’t remember, what I enjoy the must is the integration with symfony2, my web framework of choice. Let’s say that this version includes a lot of enhancements but is really an exciting tool to use.

  • Stefan Himpler

    My favorite new feature is the multiple cursor support. It makes coding more easier. But also the WordPress support is a good new feature. So there is no need for Sublime any more :)

  • VaN

    For me, the best new feature is with no doubt the scratch and single file edits. I wont need that notepad++ opened for storing sql queries, tmp values or whatever I constantly need during my say of work : ) best feature ever.

  • shadypierre

    Multiple cursor and Behat support is for me the best new features :)

  • Hugo Fonseca

    oh, my favorite feature of phpstorm 8 is definitely the behat support.
    No other IDE that I know of has this. I’m a QA engineer that regularly creates this feature files and it is so hard to move around and find the step context.
    I tried the phpstorm7 trial version before and I liked it but I still preferred Netbeans instead but this awesome feature will make re-think again if its price it’s worth it or not.
    Hope I’m in the draw :)

  • Jaime Olmo

    I need one of that free licenses before Laravel 5 release… I can’t imagine playing with Blade and Laravel in other IDE :)

  • Michał

    PHP Storm is a java based IDE, similar to eclipse, this causes it to be a memory hog. Although this makes it easier to be cross
    platform, it also responds badly if your platform (e.g. Ubuntu) is a
    bit rubbish with Java.

    • Everything is a bit rubbish with Java, unfortunately. PhpStorm and the IntelliJ suite are, however, the best of the Java world, objectively.

  • Aykın Çakaloz

    Blade Support… hands down. I think it will be the most popular templating engine in the coming years and supporting it right now is a good move. Very good move.

  • സനൂബ്

    I am so happy to hear about blade and angularjs support. Another very needy stuff was better debugging and performance testing they really solved this with all those new features like phpunit 4 , Cordova ,Live Console in JavaScript …

  • vrnagy

    My favorites are the WordPress support, multiple cursor and edit single file.

  • Ivan Dilber

    For me the ability to open a single file without a project and addition of scratch files are the two most important additions. I hated that I had to switch to another editor each time I needed some small config change or to make a simple note. Everything else is very useful, but this was a must, really…

  • jglemza

    I’m most excited for the CakePHP framework integration.

  • Stef

    The best PHP IDE ever! Grunt support and Multiple Cursor are perfect. There is so much that I love on PHPStorm, XPath and SQL are really good supported.

  • Pedro Fonseca

    Built-in Scratch and Single File Edits is nice but Language Mixing is much cooler :-)

  • Cyril Tonneville

    WordPress support, of course!

  • Cordova plugin support sounds great!

  • Dursunali keskin

    I love new psr support and gulp.

  • martemorfosis

    I really like the support for remote PHP interpreters in this new version: No more installing PHP on the local filesystem, everything goes on a vagrant box! (laravel/homestead for example).

  • nenadpaic

    New features of Php storm 8 are great, especially blade support.

  • I use phpstorm from version 7, also i worked with EAP of version 8, and my favorite feature is the blade support for Laravel framework.

  • gafitescudaniel

    I have at work Phpstorm with Magicento and I love it.
    The features that I like are blade support & multiple cursors.

  • Gabe

    Blade support is the best addition

  • Carlos A Loaiza O

    One of the improvements is definitely the integration with frameworks and trending technologies, in addition to the use of industry standards, a platform that is open to integrate new models, patterns and other improvements is be longer compatible with future projects.

  • Well for me it would be Phonegap/Cordova integration and the multiple cursor. Been using Sublime for some time now, and can’t live with one cursor only :D, and Cordova implementation it’s really great! I’m gonna try the trial at least, how’s that i never heard of this editor?

  • Josh Hartman

    Integration of Z-ray is a definite plus. It would be nice to win a license.


    The multiple cursors feature and WordPress Framework integration are my top favorites. Also the scratch file option makes it more convenient so I don’t have to keep any other editor open

  • Hi guys! great news about phpstorm, for me after months in sublime text is best feature multiple cursor. So cool feature!!! And also happy to try behat support :)

  • Besnik B.

    Built-in Scratch and Single File Edits? Great! Thanks JetBrains there is no need for Todo-Apps /Clipboard/Sublime etc. :-)

  • Jacques Marques

    Hi, my favorite new feature of phpstorm is multiple curso and Magento integration. Cheers.

  • Marko Vodanović

    I’ve been using both PhpStorm and PyCharm for some time now and I must say that these are truly best IDEs I’ve worked with. These days I’m using PhpStorm privately and PyCharm professionally. Things I like most about this update are multiple cursors and scratch. I don’t need multiple cursors very often, but sometimes they can be really practical like when c/p-ing large lists and converting them from one list format to another. Yes, you can create a regex for this, but just placing more cursors is way faster.

    Even though I don’t use Blade much, I like the support for new features, especially those widely used like Blade. This makes the IDE more accepted and known out there and, what’s most important to me, implicitly more acceptable for my managers when I need to convince them to purchase a license so I can work more efficiently. And it’s not just managers. I need to convince my teammates that this IDE truly is superior to the one they use and if we approach our manager together, he will be more willing to buy licenses for us. Politics, lol.

  • MarkEwers

    Multiple cursors. No question about it for me. That was the last remaining reason I stuck with Sublime. Moving up to PHPStorm

  • cordova :)

  • Radek Dvořák

    For me it is important that PHPStorm keeps with the latest PHP syntax and provides great and fast code completion. The aforementioned features are too specific for me – I do not use any of those technologies.

  • Bosko

    Multiple cursor and blade templating, that’s for sure. I’ve got used to use sublime with multi line edit and ctrl + D and edit. Now in PhPStorm8 we got that feature to edit multiple lines at once. Also nice addition is that PhPStorm8 now support blade template engine used by Laravel.

  • Michał Kardyś

    For me support for Blade engine is quite important, as I want to try myself with Laravel engine. It’ll be far easier to switch with this support.

  • Paweł Kowala

    I’m new to phpstorm, before I used Netbeans. I switched mainly because of magento support via plugin and now wordpress support make the ide even better :)

  • DonAlberto

    The best added Features for me are PHP5.6 Support, Behat Integration and especially the remote interpreter. It was a pain in the ass for me as developer who uses Windows as OS and Vagrant for LinuxBox. No integration of Debugging nor PHPUnit. And now the world is so easy to handle :D

  • Simple but a great time saver, when wrapping code in parentheses or HTML etc, adding the closing bracket will automatically indent and format the contents :).

    The Gulp tasks list is also very handy.

  • I love two of the new features most. The first one is the multiple cursor feature and the second one is the possibility to open open file without creating a new project.

  • Aquarrius

    WordPress support is great!!! Now I want PhpStorm!!!!

  • Nice.
    Blade support & scratch files will probably be the most useful for me.

  • Taylor Ren

    Downloaded a trial version of PHPStorm 8 and tried a few rounds.

    1. Overall launch speed and code insight is fast.
    2. Symfony and Twig support is great (for such an addicted-to-Symfony-and-Twig user like me).
    3. Integration with git is cool.

    1. Project loading and scanning is foreground, blocking other quick operations that I may want to take during this process.

  • Daniel

    PHPStrom is great and blade support will make my life all the easier!

  • samwalshnz

    Blade support has got to be my favourite feature support! Great stuff PHPStorm!

  • Riccardo Sella

    Multiple cursors is the best for me! PHPStorm is just awesome

  • Roberto Yukihiro Takahashi

    Language mixing
    Helps a lot

  • Júnior Messias

    For me, the biggest feature is Blade supoort, because I have work with Laravel …

  • jj

    The new PSR 4 and blade support is my favourite additions as I have used the EAP’s.

  • wegux

    Hi ! My favorites features: multiple cursor , Blade syntax and WordPress support ! Saludos !

  • innocenat

    Smart Backspace is a very big deal for me. I found that I spend time backspacing to delete all indent to delete a line a lot.

  • Steve Robillard

    Blade support tops my list.

  • Mike B

    Love the Blade syntax. Most important is introspection for code hinting. Also made use of multiple cursors today for the first time! Why haven’t I ever done that sooner?!

  • mommelius

    I like most the multi cursor editing, will it be available for split view?

    • Mikhail.Vink

      Do you mean editing 2 files using multi cursors simultaneously? As currently with split view you can have multi cursors in both/more views, but editing only one file.

      • mommelius

        Yes multi cursor in both views simultaneously!

  • Alexandre Silva

    Laravel blade syntax is my favorite new feature. Really best PHP IDE.

  • Ronald Hristov

    As a zf2 user, the z-ray feature warms my heart the most.

  • Svetlin

    I would certainly make a great use of the multiple cursor. It is not a tremendously big feature but PHPStorm is so evolved by now that it is really hard to implement anything killer on every version. I am loving the other new additions to the software, it is my favorite PHP IDE!

  • Rustem Zakiev

    My favorite future in new PhpStorm is multiple cutsor. And now LiveEdit for css correctly works! That’s great for using Sass autocompilation. I used Google Chrome Workspace future, but It’s impossible to use it for sass. PhpStorm can do it and it’s great!

  • Carl

    So excited for the Blade syntax! I use Blade for all my templates and having this feature will make my life as a developer easier – which is what I love about IDEs. That is, of course, if I can nab a copy of v8. :)

  • bjo3rnf

    Multiple cursors (cya SublimeText) and Grunt integration. It’s the small things.

  • Aurelien

    for me, the most interesting point is WP & blade support

  • Nice write up, I’ll be checking out PhpStorm again.

    You just had to balance the love I was spreading for PhpED, didn’t you? IDE war! Bring it on :)

  • _SSC

    I always wanted to try out Behat, the upgraded support should be a big motivation! :P

  • Andrea Borchiellini

    WordPress support and multiple cursor!

  • Erik

    Multiple cursors Blade support FTW

  • Bernd Kilga

    Does Version 8 still enforce autosave when closing the application?

    • Mikhail.Vink


  • h2000x

    I love the multiple cursors im used from Sublime Text, still missing the Remote System-functionality from Eclipse, for quick fixes.

  • Nasir

    The best IDE I ever used .

  • I’ve been using the EAP of v8 for about a month, trying to get used to PHPStorm – moving from Sublime and it’s starting to feel like home.
    Best features of 8 in my opinion are definitely Blade, Cordova and frameworks support, as well the scratch file thing – I didn’t even know about that (plugin).
    Sooo, hope to be continuing on with PHPStorm ;)

  • Emanuele

    I’ve been using Resharper plugin first, IntelliJIdea after, and now I’m trying Phpstorm EAP 8, and I must say that I agree with Jetbrains motto “Develop with pleasure”. Their IDEs are by far the best.
    I love not only their features, but also the smooth, smart and beautiful interface, which make coding very comfortable and pleasing.
    I like very much the new addition of Blade support and single file editing!

  • TBotV63

    I am totally in love with the new Blade support :D

  • blade support, and multiple carets are probably the best new features for me.

  • I really liked the Blade support!

  • WebDevDude

    Adding blade support was huge for me. I work in Laravel all day for work, so having my templates just all white text before was horrible, and made me switch back to Sublime. Great addition!

  • Danijel

    I’ve been using PHPStorm for a year now and the feature that I needed the most is support for WordPress hooks. Thanks for that Jetbrains :)

  • Sounds luvly! I’ve been using PHPstorm in earlier versions, then project related derailed from it and so got into alternative IDE’s but none really giving the comfort of the storm. So these additions sound truely awesome and I’d be keep to have a sneak peak tester on it as well. Sublime is currently doing the job but not 100% convinced of it. so maybe this is the way back :)

  • kimptoc

    The language mixing looks really useful – must give that a go.

  • Terry

    Support for Blade template is a good addition. Will probably consider using this for my Laravel projects

  • Multiple carets! And built-in grunt support.

  • Hendrik Jan van Meerveld

    I am looking into PHPStorm for its Dart language support.
    Angularjs, Blade templating and multiple cursors are a huge bonus.

  • martinczerwi

    Love the Laravel support. I’m not sure though if it will be able to keep up with Sublime performance wise. It’s definitely a good pick for an IDE.

  • TC

    I like multiple cursors and built in scratch plug-in.

  • ranki

    I really like support for blade template as laravel is making its mark in web developement.

  • Märt Rang

    Drupal 8 support and language injection improvements are the main best features for me.

  • bate

    hohooo nice, need a private license :-)

  • Slaviša Petrović

    I love Sublime, but PHPStorm takes it even further. It’s like Visual Studio for PHP. What I like best is the refactoring and new feature is testing support for Behat and PSR-4 namespacing.

  • E. Michael Brandt

    With the addition of language mixing, I am now ready to give phpStorm a serious try.

  • I would love to use debug features of PHPStorm, since the current editors I use force me to rely on var_dump most of the time.

  • Enrique

    Along with many of the people commenting here, the multiple cursor feature is a really cool feature for PHPStorm 8. I mostly work SublimeText with a lot of legacy code, and having that tool save a lot of time during refactoring.

  • David Walters

    Multiple cursor support is great and Drupal 8 support is fantastic!

  • cool19

    i like this IDE because it is cross platform and has lots of features. wordpress support in new version should be good for developers.

  • Muhammad Bhaa Asfoor

    I liked all this new features bus becausei constantly work with Drupal and Laravel, the Drupal 8 and Laravel Blade support are my favorite features right now.

  • dinesh bhusal

    Just downloaded yesterday. Great editor but blade support is awesome.

  • Justin Bianchi

    Zend has always been too dang expensive and I don’t like eclipse or sublime. I bought PHPStorm at version 5 and love it. Have version 7 now and excited to get 8!!

  • Donnie La Curan

    Scratch file editor and Blade support. Sometimes I only need to open a single file or do some quick edits, creating a whole project for that would be overkill.

    I also dig Blade support now. It would make Laravel development that much easier.

  • Adrian Voicu

    I started using PHP Storm about a few weeks ago. I like it because is easy to customize. What I am wondering though is if it will support the new blade syntax: {!! !!}

  • Gery Juhasz

    As laravel’s popularity increases, obviously the best new feature is blade support

  • Robin Chen

    I’ve recently tried phpStorm along with many other IDE that work across Windows, OS X, and Linux. The one I’ve always come back to is Aptana, both stand alone and Eclipse plug-in. It’s the only one that makes it easy to edit files remotely without resorting to sshfs, nfs or downloading the complete source. Why don’t other IDE do this? I work directly on the dev server with a large data set. It’s hard to replicate all the data to a local vm so working remotely is a must for me.

  • Dante

    Been using Zend for 8 years. Switching to phpStorm was the best decision ever. My favourite feature!? It f*** works with no problems and that’s what I need the most :)

  • Bec

    Blade support is exciting and the impetus I need to move to Laravel as a framework.

  • Ayaz Malik

    nice, i would love to win that :) it could help me do better in cordova as it seems.

  • Phạm Trí Dũng

    I’m glad that after a long time waiting, PHPStorm now supports Blade template. Since Laravel’s becoming more and more popular (and I have to admit that I’m a big fan of it), this feature is simple great. Another interesting feature I saw in Public preview edition is the Psr-0/Psr-4 directory detect and mapping – small addition, but nice to have.
    P/s : @brunoskvorc:disqus did you forget to mention the multi cursor editing feature ?

  • Anne-Mie Vanhulle

    Still using netbeans. Maybe it’s time to try another ide

  • Ruben

    I think the redesigned Language Injection will be the most useful feature for me.

  • Michal Gritzbach

    For me it’s definitely multiple cursor support and also nice support for frameworks via plugins.

  • My best feature is Blade support Finally :)

  • Carticus

    Moving to laravel and love the blade template support.

  • Behat support is a great new feature! Finally I’l try this testing methodology.

  • My favorite new option is multi cursor, life-saving functionality ;)
    huge facilitate the tinkering in HTML

  • I’m using Sublime but I’ll try this. Apache Cordova support sounds great.

  • Hein Zaw Htet

    Fav new features is Blade.
    use IDE frequently and text editor too.

  • Bas Hepping

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about phpStorm, but Blade support is really what I am looking for in an IDE nowadays. I am working with a CMS that creates its templates with blade as well as working with laravel for applications.

    Single file edits is also awesome. In NetBeans (what I am using now) I have to create a totally new project, so I have to use notepad++ for single edits (or even the built in editor in WinSCP/vim in linux) which I don’t want most of the time.

  • Blade supporto, x-ray and Cordova support! That looks really good, storm is getting even better!

  • hi! I tested previous version and it was good so i want an upgrade.

  • Erik Pöhm

    Since I use PHPStorm, my development is much easier and faster then ever ! I love the PHPStorm debuger, saves lots of “echo” or “dump” time.

  • Nabeel

    I really loved the Blade support which may save me long time

  • Armin Palgen

    Apache Cordova support. Very nice! PhpStorm is getting better and better.

  • Raju Gautam

    To be honest, it was not in my favor because it wasn’t free. But when I was looking for an IDE which can help me to better static code analysis and I came to know that phpStorms helps. So I downloaded 7.1.4 and installed two weeks earlier and so far I am liking it. I am yet to make a comment.

    I am downloading now 8 and eager to try Behat within it !

  • Kalle

    I like the very nice improved Language Injection Feature.

    Thankyou for this new Version. :)

  • Dante

    Nice article. Thank you Bruno! My personal favorite is to have git bash command line inside phpStorm. Best thing ever…

  • I think it is powerful PHP IDE and it has support for many PHP’s Frameworks. However, I have to use Netbeans because it is free.

  • Ecomail CZ

    Wohoo, support of blade! Finally!

  • I just watched a video of the multi-line edit functionality. I want that!

  • rizerzero

    Multiple cursors. No question about it for me too , i got used to it with Sublime and it saves me a huge amount of time .

    Good luck for the giveAway Guys .

  • Rene Reiter

    Cordova/Phonegap support … because i have to work with those ;)

  • Giuseppe

    My favourite new features are multiple cursor and Blade support. Thanks

  • Anderson Gomes de Oliveira

    Hi, my favorite new feature of phpstorm is Language Mixing

  • dodyrw

    I love new multiple cursor and wordpress support.

  • Sean H.

    Multiple cursors for sure …

  • Lyhong Pon

    Currently, I am using Netbeans. I hear everybody’s talking about PhpStorm, it’s features, it’s advantages, it’s theme, and I want it now, but I don’t have enough budget for licence. Moreover, what makes me want it like stupid is that it supports Blade.

  • Hi @Bruno,

    I installed their free trial version and started playing with it. Unfortunately when trying to create a project via ssh it took ages to index it even though I only selected the PHP files, leaving assets out.

    Some of the projects I work with have hundreds of files.

    How do you handle that?

    Otherwise the software does feel solid.

  • Dragoș Ardeleanu

    My favourite new addition to PhpStorm 8 is Behat Support

  • crazyball

    Eclipse is Eclipse, Netbean is not bad, PhpStorm is the Graal !

  • Andrzej Korniów

    Using EAP on a daily basis. The Single File Edits feature is something I’ve been waiting a long time.

  • Alex McCabe

    The developer at my work place uses PHPStorm and is ranting on about it. It does look very good, but I am using Sublime. I think to switch, the multiple cursors is a must, but the Git and Gulp support looks great too.

  • shivanshu

    My favourite feature PSR, Behat and Blade. I love phpstorm

  • Mohamed Sharfaz Sairaz

    Currently I am using Sublime. I was waiting till blade syntax support comes to Phpstorm. Good news my wait is over, hope I will be one of lucky winner :) Excited!

  • I am really excited about the multiple cursor feature. I use it in Sublime Text all the time and after getting used to it, it seems like a feature any IDE or text editor should have!

  • The ability to open files without creating a project for them is the reason why I came back to PhpStorm after having tried it some months ago for Drupal development and deciding to stick with vim for PHP development. Vim is “simple” and doesn’t leave files laying around. Well, PhpStorm finally convinced me with this new release where I can open my files that I have laying around from old projects, and have all the benefits that PhpStorm offers, like debugging. I know I can use Xdebug in vim as well, but meh… PhpStorm shiny!

  • Denys Bushulyak

    I use PhpStorm since version 1.0 and was glad to grow with product. I can say then it was right decision migrate to PhpStorm: productivity grows at several times and nice technical support.

  • joyceleong

    I am a Sublime Text User, I do like all those mentioned new features, but I think it’s kind of cool to have blade support as I am dealing with pretty lots of them lately.

  • Fuhrmann

    I just love the fact that I can manage multiple databases inside PhpStorm. It’s insane!

  • Reza Haghighi

    New features such as supporting Behat and multiple cursors are so COOL!

  • I’m primarily a WordPress developer and now have a client who chose Magento, so I’m happy to see Magento integration.

  • CreedFeed

    I love the new PSR4 support and language injecting!

  • Alin

    WordPress, Drupal 8 and Blade are my favorite new features!

  • Miguel

    The scratch file/single file mode is the last feature I need to move from sublime text to phpstorm!

  • craigr

    I think I am most excited about the support for Blade and other frameworks.

  • Ezo

    I use PHPStorm at work, and sometimes have the feeling the IDE does not really work well with multiple instances open.
    I.e. The ALT+SHIFT+O (search for a file) sometimes hangs, untill i click another open project.

    Nevertheless, i’d like to try PHPstorm at home as well, to use in an environment where i only have 1 project open at a time.

  • I think the new language mixing features are going to be outstanding. This is always an area in IDEs where I wish things were more robust.

  • WordPress Support… especially tracing hooks!

  • aiphee

    Well i love SQL integration, makes work so much easier. Also Autocomplete for SQL functions and tables is awesome! :)

  • Marcin

    for me the blade syntax is great, I love it.

  • Are Pedersen

    I had a presentation at work showing debugging and other features of PHPStorm recently. About 20 other developers attended, and many sworn to Vim, Netbeans, Eclipse, Sublime Text etc. There was much excitement in the crowd during the presentation, and many got their eyes up for what a real IDE can give them.

    Now many of them are switching editor to PHPStorm…and at the same time will be a more efficient developer :-)

  • Jasper Kooij

    WordPress support is easily my #1 feature. #2 feature is the use of the Google App Engine for php. Not a really new feature but extremely useful.

  • Yay! Blade support!

  • Brian Reeve

    It’s hard to pinpoint just a handful of features to call out as my favorite. I think my favorite feature is that JetBrains has done a remarkable job making PhpStorm extremely feature rich but extremely easy to use.

    As a long time Eclipse user (for Java, Markup, and PHP), the transition to a less bloated, more powerful IDE was very welcomed.

  • Dominik Dalek

    Language mixing will help for sure!

  • Neil Millard

    I downloaded v7 about a month ago, and I’m still in the habit of using Zend Studio. However this week I’ve been looking into a Laravel/Ember combo and the multi language detection sounds like a winner.

  • gazugafan

    I’m most excited about the ability to open files outside of a project context. That’s pretty much the only reason I still keep PhpEd pinned to my taskbar anymore.

  • Mike Cunneen

    Cordova / PhoneGap integration is fantastic.

  • I’m building web development screencast for Indonesian developer at

    Currently i’m using sublime text for the sake of its speed and simplicity. But, sublime lack refactoring feature where phpstorm is great at. It would be great if I could have phpstorm in my screencast to teach my loyal subscriber.. :)

  • yamblaza

    Excited for the WordPress integration!

  • bastien koert

    The Apache Cordova implementation is pretty rad. That and the enhanced laravel support may just away me away from netbeans and sublime

  • Dmitry Ivanov

    I like multiple cursor feature

  • Ricardo Ribeiro

    Blade syntax support is a plus and multiple cursors a bliss :D

  • Kevin Nagurski

    I was a Zend Studio user for a number of years and then switched to Sublime for a few months when I started a JS-centric role. But now I’m back in my PHP chair and decided to check out other IDEs. Enter PHPStorm 8 EAP.

    As a user of Zend Studio, I thought I was in for a similar experience, but either I was using an old version of Zend Studio, or PHPStorm has come a long way, but either way, I was blown away with some of it’s features. Too many to mention them all, but the WOW feature for me was when it offered code-completion for a MySQL query I was writing.

    One thing I would love to see is a key-binding option to match Sublime. Beyond that, I just love the speed and customisation. I’d love to get my hands on the final release.

  • Andrew

    Definitely multiple cursors and framework integration.

  • Nick

    I’ve used both PHPStorm 7 and Zend Studio, and I can say I much prefer PHPStorm. The auto-complete as you type features are very quick and reliable; sometimes when I’m instantiating an object, it will suggest the correct class simply based off of the variable name I used.

    In Zend Studio, projects always tended to load slowly, sometimes taking several minutes when there were a lot of files, but PHPStorm can load those same projects in seconds.

    I’m looking forward to the new features in PHPStorm 8, especially Zray.

  • the version 8 of PHPSTORM is supposed to BE very light out of the box. this is great for the “install and begin working on project”. in addition of PHPStorm i also use Idea which come with all plugins activated thus you have to disable the ones you do not need to make it faster.

  • I am very excited to see complete wordpress support in PhpStorm 8 :).

  • Steven

    I’m looking forward to the enhanced framework support.

  • Nick D

    I’ve never used anything to create PHP code other ran Notepad and my Keyboard.

    This looks intriguing…

  • Marius Kapteijn

    I like the PhoneGap integration very much. It’s better than Dreamweaver

  • Stefan de Graaf

    Loving the extra support for Vagrant and AngularJS/Grunt! And the reason I still use Sublime, multiple carets is built in now aswell :). Definitely going to give the new version a try!

  • I liked so much PHPStorm 8. The best feature for me is single file edit. It would be nice to win a license :)

  • Andre Santiago

    Having support for Laravel is really great. I have always like PHPStorm but did not opt to use it for reasons like that.

  • Druiven

    yah, shouldn’t you hate it really You think you know it all, and phlapsa there is another support for a very interesting tool to learn. To late for me to embrace the free license, I just bought it last week, should i say more

  • Druiven

    yah, should you not hate it really. Think you know it all, and phlapsa there’s a support for another very intersting tool to use and ofcourse learn. Well it’s to late for me to embrace the free license, I just bought it last week. Should I say more

  • — WordPress coding standard support has been awesome in this new version.
    — Displays the deprecated warning for the functions which are deprecated.
    — Code formatting is great for WordPress. Take any badly formatted code, and PHPStorm does the clean up. :)

  • Sumon Seleem

    As a Laravel fanatic, it’s really a great news that Blade is now supported and as I’m moving into hybrid app development too, Cordova integration has also become a bless.

  • Les Weber

    PhpStorm is a great IDE however I believe that Netbeans is catching up. PhpStorm will have to stay on the ball to stay ahead.

  • gskema

    My new favorite feature is language mixing. Nowadays both php and template files are a huge mix of different languages. Having phpStorm help me write SQL in php files is just great! I also approve the latest addition of support for laravel, which I have been getting into lately.

  • alykhan

    Phonegap/Cordova integration and the multiple cursors is a nice add-on

  • antonioreyna

    I started using this IDE for Laravel and its awesome, I’m currently using the EAP and blade support is just what I needed. I used to use ST3 before but now I think I can’t live without PHPStorm :)

  • Bruce Spedding

    New (back) to this – the smart editors and WordPress support look attractive … the rest will take time :-)

  • Frankie Deschacht

    I had not used PHPStorm before, since I had not heard about it yet, however, after beginning to use the demo version, I am quite pleased with some of the features so far, such as the code completion, code formatting and especially the code sniffer.
    I will be posting more feedback as I get to know the program better, but for now, keep up the good work.

  • Will Fastie

    Language Mixing / Language Injection; Scratch.

  • Matt

    I’ve never used php storm. I primarily use sublime text and occasionally use netbeans. There seem to be a lot of good features in php storm 8, but out of them all I like the sound of the apache cordova plugin.

  • Paul Roger

    As a developer who is constantly tweaking WordPress for custom installations,
    WordPress support is not only a welcome addition but must be the most
    valuable as a time-saver. Multiple cursors are nice, too!

  • I’ve used it in the past as a trial and never felt very comfortable. I’d love a free copy and maybe I’d use it more, but so far my testing isn’t going good. The interface has been buggy when I resize the window. And yesterday it put a spinning icon “updating” my project folder endlessly which ended up with the program crashing after using almost a gig of RAM.

    It opens slower than Netbeans or Sublime, so I will keep testing some more and maybe it will grow on me?

    This is what I saw this morning:

  • I like multi cursor feature but it is a pitty the lack of support for codeigniter. I know it is an old framework but there are a lot of devs that still use it. I hope I win the license so I can leave Netbeans.

  • Mark Pemberton

    So awesome to see Version 8, definitely my favorite! Hoping to get a free copy!

  • John Lacey

    Z-ray integration sounds awesome!

  • Nigel

    Currently on netbeans, would like to try phpstorm 8

  • Edi Santoso

    phpStorm really changed my life!
    I before using phpStorm got desperate with the PHP language why not as good as Visual Studio? After I tried phpStorm EAP version about 5 months ago I felt a difference and delight with features in it.

  • Damian Kleiman

    I think the new version has great features, but for me one of the most useful at the moment is the behat support, and blade support is very nice too (im using laravel for one of my projects).

  • I simply love PHPStorm….for everything. I use PHPStorm 7.1.

  • mephi

    Language Mixing and Apache Cordoba integrations are awesome additions to PhpStorm IDE +1

  • Language mixing sounds really sweet :)

  • PiNo

    After using Sublime for a while i swith to phpstorm because of the simplicity and the power that it has!!! Best ide for me and well i cant choose one feature because there are a lot!!! I hope a couñd win a license but if it doesnt happen im happy for the afortunate person that wind it…

  • OyBoy Com

    I am looking forward the most to using the Apache Cordova plugin, and testing its limits…..
    So if I have to pick a favorite, that would have to be it!
    If I am one of the three winners of PhpStorm,

  • Matthew

    Boom! So stoked about the Apache Cordova plugin feature…wait and it can “also facilitate your mobile development with Ionic framework.” Yes please!

  • Rydeck

    I like the create/edit single file feature. I’m a sublime user but now I want to switch to PhpStorm. A decade ago i used and liked Intellij IDEA as a java programmer and I want to experience the same feeling with my PHP development.

  • Karsten Vogt

    Favorite Feature: Language Mixing. Because we all have to live with legacy code projects from time to time (or endlessly)

  • My best v8 feature is blade support. You cmd+click in included view file names and you open directly those files. Amazing…

  • abusul

    PHPStorm uses one of the best IDE environments on the market. Great addition to have. My fav feature would be the Language mixing.

  • Demoniacos

    For me the Behat integration is the game changer!! absolutely love it. Can’t wait for the coverage on SitePoint refered in this article.

  • xaviemirmon

    Has to be Drupal 8 support

  • Antonio Tallarico

    WordPress support :)

  • James Evans

    I’ve been using PHP Storm for the past 2 years and it’s by far my favourite IDE. My only real gripe is that a lot of the keyboard shortcuts collide with Ubuntu, meaning that I have to use the menus more than I’d like.

    As to what I’m looking forward to in the new release, that would have to be the Cordova support.

  • Majid

    The Laravel blade syntax is my favorite , I am currently used ATOM editor.

  • Leonid Kolomiytsev

    Just started studying Laravel so, blade support is my leader :-)
    WordPress support also would be useful for old projects.

  • Kishan Gor

    Multiple Cursors, of course. :-)

  • Andrey Pochekuev

    For me, its more about bugfixes than new features. Although i have a number of Laravel projects, so Blade support is cool too. But inability to use latest PHPUnit really annoyed me, also, PHPStorm7 had very nasty bug on WIndows with Compass integration, that really made me cry every time i started a new project. This stuff is all fixed, so i’m a happy panda right now.

  • Carlo Pati

    My favorite feature of PHPStorm’s version 8 is Apache Cordova support. All other features are great , too. But, this one is the one I am most excited about.

  • As someone who works almost exclusively in Laravel when I’m writing PHP these days, the addition of Blade is a very welcome addition. However, my absolute favorite new feature is the multiple cursors. That’s the only thing that kept me using Sublime Text instead of PHPStorm. With that addition, now I can finally abandon Sublime Text and use PHPStorm full time!

  • Jeb Baxley

    have been using aptana for a number of years so it would be awesome to switch to PHPStorm.

  • Diamenta Princessa

    Multiple cursors, great auto-indentation of IF blocks, etc., refactoring of methods, variables, and SPEEEEEEEEEEED. Great support for VCS like Git, for Debugging with XDebug and so on. And the last one… Darcula template, I don’t need anything else :].

  • Eduardo Galvan

    I’ve been using Sublime Text for some time, and I find the support for multiple cursors as my favorite.

  • Frederik Krautwald

    One word: Behat.

  • Sarah

    Drupal 8 and Behat support. And multiple cursors!

  • Leslie

    Can’t wait to try the updated Behat support

  • Fernando Kobayashi

    Finally blade support, when you take your time to customize the interface and get used to the IDE phpstorm is pretty great

  • Tijmen Bruggeman

    I love the support for WordPress and Blade! Looking at the docs a lot less now

  • Taher

    My favorites are wordpress and apache cordova supports.

  • Peter

    So far I have not used PhpStorm, but the new features look promising. Especially the amout of frameworks supported and the language mixing seems to be nice.

  • Simon Depelchin

    I specifically like the support of Blade for my Laravel projects !

  • I am using Laravel and Blade template. So, this is my favourite feature addition.

  • Álvaro Márquez

    wordpress support sounds great.

  • WordPress support is really useful!
    On the second place is behat support.

  • Andre Kruger

    Not just all the PHP features and the latest PHP v5.6 support but all the other features like Blade, opening of individual files from the start screen, VCS support, Issue Traking, REST and all the different Javascript libraries make this the IDE of choice. Lastly as with the other Jetbrains products like Teamcity and PyCharm it allows you to customization every part of the IDE.

  • Paul Ricci

    Not sure what is my favorite new feature, but if I had to pick one feature I would say Blade support.

  • Simon

    Blade templating support for me!

  • Aaron Simmons

    I have a co-worker using PHP Storm, and he loves it. And the basic tour that he’s shown me definitely looks like a fine IDE. I think my favorite new feature is the single file edit.

  • Eric Guerin

    I think my favorite new addition is support for Blade. PHPStorm and Laravel worked well together before, now I think they will be perfect. I also have been working on a Cordova project now, so it will be interesting to see how useful that is.

  • I’ve been wanting to get PHPStorm for a while, so, a giveaway sounds like a great opportunity!

    Best new features are certainly multiple cursors, improved language injection, and Cordova support, as that should also make it possible to use the ionic framework.

  • Jeffrey Horen

    My favorite new feature is WordPress Development. I used to use PhpStorm at a company I worked at. I am currently using Coda and would like to try PhpStorm again.

  • simon davies

    I have been following several tuts on php storm, via laracasts and as a user of Sublime text I have been happy with my IDE etc but during these videos and my own look I have been very impressed and with the introduction of all the latest PHP and especially the inclusion of Laravel Blade is selling me the idea to change my IDE (as well as multiple cursor :-)) I’m just left haggling in the cost with myself now….

  • n5rmj

    The ability to do single edits easily when combined with all of the other new features brings this IDE up to the head of the pack.

  • Alexander Johannesen

    Love the NodeJS support, and other JS frameworks like AngularJS. I’ve wanted to try PhpStorm for a while, somewhat happy in NetBeans, but could always feel more love with the PhpStorm integration features. Nudge, nudge.

  • vidscmd

    Very interesting article. Thanks. Will look into the Cordova plugin and the Ionic framework.

  • benjamin Sweetnam

    I personally love the addition of the blade syntax support after learning laravel for a couple of months now I find it really intuitive and smart design. I’m currently using Sublime Text. but I would like to make the switch to php storm its just the cost for me is prohibitive.

  • Being a intern and using PHPStorm for the first time and writing Behat tests I am excited about full dashboard for viewing succeeding and failing tests rather than just terminal output, detailed step by step reports, run configurations you can define for various scenarios and conditions

  • S. Clever

    The feature I am most looking forward to with PhpStorm is the Cordova plug-in.

  • Kathleen

    I love the multiple cursor feature. I use it so many times in Sublime Text 2. It’s so handy.

  • Walid

    The blade syntax support is awesome, hope to see more laravel support in the future

  • Stefan Cuculeac

    The new version of PHPStorm seems really nice, has great futures that other IDE’s doesn’t have. I’m using sublime3 with plugins, but i’ll love it i’ll get a licence.

  • acerb

    I agree with Alicia, adding Z-Ray support will close the deal! And of course, single edit is an awesome plus, so I don’t need to use UltraEdit anymore :)

  • AugustBollinger

    I’m a PHPstorm user. And by doing so, well…more so by learning PHPstorm in detail rather than any one framework offering, I have become a PHP master. When I interview, I get asked if I use terminal or sublime, etc. I say I have done so, cause in the past I have, but then I say if you learn your IDE, you’ll learn that these methods are available in the IDE, making for a seamless transition. I think that’s stellar. I could really use this free upgrade, even though 7 has been stellar!

  • Jason

    Multiple cursors, “Scratch” file editing, Grunt task runner

  • lse

    I like the Mobile features like cordova mobile applications development of PHP Storm 8…

  • Dimosthenis

    Multiple cursor/selection and scratchpad are more than welcome plus full angular js support will come in handy for me soon ;]

  • Amir

    I use Eclipse right now, and since the new phpstrom has so much cooler feature, I guess I should think on migrating…

  • darkcg

    Always considered JetBrains IDEs unintuitive. That’s why I use Eclipse.

  • Nikhil Khullar

    I love multiple cursors. It saves me at least an hour of development time every single day. For the last one and a half year, I have been developing a back-end management system to study users’ behaviour while playing a mobile game. In all of my modules, there is data manipulation code where same data structures are spread across 3000-4000 lines of code on an average and whenever I need to alter anything across thousands of lines; multiple cursors in an absolute blessing. In fact, before I was using PHP Storm for the project and Sublime Text to manipulate individual files just for multiple cursors. Also, I love the database integration features in PHP Storm and the way it makes working with MySQL an absolute charm by giving ways to test the query output in the same window. I am looking forward to 0xDBE too… Thanks for this draw.

  • Salaander

    I’m happy for Blade support and Multiple cursors just as much as Language Mixing…
    Single file edit is also a long missed and important new feature for me!

  • billracine

    Multiple Cursor and WordPress support are the two big things I like about the new version.

  • Hunyady Mihály

    i was really waiting for v8!

  • JamesDiGioia

    Most exciting for me is the blade support and the multiple cursors, as both have been really useful in Sublime Text, my current primary editor.

  • marcelg

    My favourite features of PhpStorm is integrated Vagrant, support for all of Laravel syntax, ease of installing packages direct from menus via Composer, amazingly easy key mapping, and it’s great flexibility in customizing your screen real estate to your hearts desire!

    • marcelg

      I also loved that laracasts offered a free series to overview PhpStorm.

  • Istiaque Ahmed

    I knew the name of PhpStorm before but did not use it as it was not free. This post inspired me to rethink my decision. As a user of Dremweaver, let me say from the very beginning point that, I did not find the codelighting feature to be appropriate to server my purposes. Codeobster gave the solution . And I came to delve into PhpStorm , I was simply amazed. Highlighting in every way is possible. Scrolling the page gets the HTML ‘divs’ appear. Testing in different browser with one click is possible from the faded-In browser icons. Just a bird’s-eye view tempts me to use the IDE for all (:D) the purposes I need to serve.And in case I do not forget to mention the multiple cursor feature, groking the IDE is probably something to grow more passion even for programming to be carried out in an elegant ambiance.

  • Maharshi

    Coming in from NetBeans. First thing to be noticed is Speed in Prediction and then WordPress support integrated is the icing on the top. But would say that official integration with BitBucket (current plug-in is good but not upto the mark as the inbuilt GitHub integration) can be a great crowd puller as being a freelancer a lot of times BitBucket is more cost effective than GitHub.

  • khaled

    hi !
    i am from algeria and hope get the free licence

  • chechnyan

    I’ve been with sublime text . but from day to day . i see my self depending more on phpstorm. i am stil using it as a trial . honestly the first week it did take some effort’s and time exploring its features . and honestly the learning road was amazing.
    it amaze me how customizable it is . and its shortcuts it my favorite feature . and built in PHP interpreters
    also code refactoring and database management.

  • SpartakusMd

    PhpStorm is my favorite IDE. I just love it. I use it with the Symfony2 plugin which also is great. Language mixing support in version 8 is improved, I waited long for it :) and multicursor support is awesome!

  • deep_spring85

    I would love to win , the new feature that would be so helpful would be bade support .
    Good luck guys !!

  • Who is win the withdraw of phpStorm?

    • rizerzero

      nice question , never seen the end of this story can anyone answer ?

      • They have edited the first article’s paragraph and add a mention about it, without winners names.

  • Zachery Hysong

    Don’t suppose you have anymore keys for this…? I can’t afford a license for it yet, and could use the help.

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