Make it safe to use console.log always

By Sam Deering

Make it safe to use console.log always with this handy little JavaScript code snippet. Console.log’s can break in Internet explorer and other browsers with console disabled, better safe then sorry!

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(function(a){function b(){}for(var c="assert,count,debug,dir,dirxml,error,exception,group,groupCollapsed,groupEnd,info,log,markTimeline,profile,profileEnd,time,timeEnd,trace,warn".split(","),d;!!(d=c.pop());){a[d]=a[d]||b;}})
(function(){try{console.log();return window.console;}catch(a){return (window.console={});}}());
  • CaptPolymath

    Here’s my cross browser safe way to handle console.log():

    if (typeof console === “undefined”){ console={}; console.log = function(){ return; } }

    This simply tests to see if the console object exists, and if it does not, it creates a global console object with an empty log() function.

  • John Farrow

    What about ‘var debug = console||{};’?

    • John Farrow

      then use ‘debug.log’

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