Jacek Barecki, May 04

Automatic PHP Code Generation with Memio

Jacek Barecki explores Memio, a library one can use to generate PHP code programmatically. It uses Twig templates and an OOP interface to make things easy!
Daniel Sipos, May 01

Automated Testing of Drupal 8 Modules

With version 8 looming on the horizon, Danny ups our development game with automated testing of Drupal 8 modules - write functional tests like a pro!
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 29

PHP7 Resource Recap

In this recap post, Bruno Skvorc lists some of the most important and most relevant resources for getting started with PHP7.
Younes Rafie, Apr 27

Generating PHP Documentation with Sami

Younes Rafie demonstrates using Sami, the documentation generator, to extract docs from your code's docblocks - even across several tagged versions
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 25

Inspecting PHP Code Quality with Scrutinizer

Scrutinizer is an online service for checking the quality of your PHP, Python or Ruby code. Bruno Skvorc shows you how to set it up and navigate the options
Narayan Prusty, Apr 24

Sending Emails in PHP with PHPMailer

Narayan shows you how to use PHPMailer - a dead simple email sending library for PHP. Send email from your local machine or an SMTP relay easily!
Daniel Sipos, Apr 22

StackPHP Explained

Ever heard of StackPHP? Confused by terms like HttpKernelInterface and/or Middleware? No worries - Danny breaks it down in a really newbie friendly way!
Abbas Suterwala, Apr 20

Drupal goes Social: Building a "Liking" Module in Drupal

Learn how to build an Ajax / jQuery powered "liking" module for Drupal with Abbas Suterwala!
Nick Salloum, Apr 17

Using BoltCMS to Build a Small Business Website

Nick Salloum takes a look at BoltCMS - a new player in the CMS game - and uses it to build a sample small business website. See how!
Collins Agbonghama, Apr 15

Social Logins in PHP with HybridAuth

Agbonghama explores a PHP package used for adding social logins to your PHP application. Log your users in with FB, Google, Github, etc!
Christophe Willemsen, Apr 13

Efficient User Timelines in a PHP Application with Neo4j

Christophe Willemsen dives into building social-network style user timelines with Neo4j and PHP - build your own social network easily!
Design & UX
Alex Brisbourne, Apr 13

The Unique UX Challenges of the Internet of Things

How does UX change when we take our apps from PCs and phones to our walls and whitegoods? Alex Brisbourne looks at how UX effects the internet of things.
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 11

Set up Automatic Virtual Hosts with Nginx and Apache

Tired of setting up new virtual hosts for every new project? Make your server of choice do it automatically. Bruno Skvorc shows you how.
Daniel Sipos, Apr 10

Integrate Elasticsearch with Silex

Danny Sipos continues the development of his hybrid app by integrating Elasticsearch with Silex, the PHP micro-framework.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Apr 09

The Ancient Sumerians, Tablet Computing and HTML Tables

The ancient Sumerians were the first data nerds, and understood the beauty of tabular data. But how do we keep the power of HTML tables on small screens?
Elio Qoshi, Apr 07

Beyond Responsiveness, the WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

Elio Qoshi explains how utilising the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin can make turning your online presence into a simple and effective mobile application is a simple and worthwhile process.
Younes Rafie, Apr 06

Using Github Webhooks with PHP

In this short tutorial, Rafie Younes will show you how to implement Github webhooks with your PHP app - log all changes to a repo in your local database!
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Apr 06

14 Rules for Creating CTA Buttons That Work

The 'call to action' -- or CTA -- is the heartbeat of any successful website and a poor CTA button will ruin otherwise great content. Gabrielle explains.
Younes Rafie, Apr 04

Laravel 4 to Laravel 5 - The Simple Upgrade Guide

Younes covers upgrading from Laravel 4 to Laravel 5 in this short guide, referencing the most important change points. Have you upgraded yet?
Daniel Sipos, Apr 03

Install and Integrate Elasticsearch with Drupal

Danny Sipos decides to make a super-fast CMS by using Drupal for content management, and Silex+Elastisearch for the front-end app. See how!
Peter Nijssen, Apr 01

7 Ways to Optimize Jenkins

From avoiding bloat to using the right plugins, Peter Nijssen explains how to make sure continuous delivery/integration tool Jenkins is working hard.
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 01

Laravel Blade Recursive Partials with @each

Bruno Skvorc explains the @each Laravel Blade construct and uses it to build recursive partials that print out infinitely nested trees of data. See how!
Bruno Skvorc, Mar 30

The Best PHP Framework for 2015: SitePoint Survey Results

The survey is complete and the data has been crunched - which framework is the most popular PHP framework of 2015? Tune in to find out.
Bruno Skvorc, Mar 30

Welcoming New Authors: January - March 2015

In the first three months of 2015, we've gained four new authors and two got "regular" status. Want to join our work-from-home army? Read the post!