Learn Blockchain and Ethereum

Blockchain is one of the hottest fields for developers to get into right now. Despite being overrated in many ways, and the darling of overexcited investors and speculators, it also offers exciting prospects for a decentralized, censorship-free Web — particularly thanks to the Web 3.0 blockchain side of Ethereum.

This Blockchain Hub provides extensive resources for getting your head around blockchain, cryptocurrencies, wallets, smart contracts and more.

A major focus of this blockchain hub is Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality.

Below you’ll find links to a range of beginner resources, in-depth tutorials, and tools and resources invaluable to blockchain and Ethereum developers, as well as a collection of printed anthologies.

Understanding Blockchain & Ethereum Technology

The introductory section of our Blockchain Hub explains what blockchain technology is and how it works, what Ethereum is and how to use it, and covers other important topics such as wallets, nodes, mining, validation, cryptography, smart contracts, storage, messaging and more.

We start by covering what blockchain is, how it works, and why it’s so popular. We also take a deep dive into cryptography, taking you back to the basics and explaining encryption, describing the different types, and demonstrating algorithm examples, all in a beginner-friendly way.

Our guide to the top nine uses for blockchain explains the best ways to make use of blockchain technology. We then go on to explain what hardware wallets are, what a Bitcoin node is, and how cryptocurrency scalability issues are being tackled.

Blockchain Tutorials

The Tutorials section of our Blockchain Hub takes you on a journey through building decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain.

It centers around a project called called The Neverending Story, which has its own website at storydao.bitfalls.com. The full code for the project is available at GitHub.

Follow the tutorial series through from the beginning and be guided through from laying out the app’s rules and features, and setting up the private blockchain through to deploying the app in the eighth and final tutorial.

Blockchain Resources & Tools

The Tools and Resources section of our Blockchain Hub starts by introducing several indispensable blockchain tools, such as Remix, Geth and Mist.

We also have a series of articles on Truffle by first introducing it, and then by looking at testing and how to perfom Truffle migrations.

We also look at flattening contracts and debugging with Remix, and we introduce OpenZeppelin for importing smart contracts, and Puppeth for managing and deploying your private blockchain.

Best wishes on your journey through the world of blockchain and Ethereum!