ok.. i am having some trouble getting my cable modem to work with Windows XP.. i can get it to work fine with windows 98 and windows 2000..
here is the situation, until i can find the time to network my computers together i have been switching the cable modem between computers, mine with windows 2000, and my parents with windows 98... now my parents computer crashed and burned, and the best way i could find to fix it, was to upgrade from windows 98.. i wanted them to get 2000 but they wanted XP, because they could get XP home cheaper than 2000.. anyway.. long story short, i intalled XP home on there computer. and i can't get it to work with XP for nothing.. in 2000 i set it up to obtain an IP address automatically and it works fine... i set it up like that in XP and it doesn't work.. i also tried it with my dad's laptop which also has XP, and could not get it to work.
is there something wierd with networking with XP that i don't know about, or what??
i am a little reluctant to call the cable company right away, because i know this cable company, and they are gonna give me all kinds of hell about switching it between computers and all that crap, so i thought i would ask here before i called them.. and if i don't haev it fixed by today, i have to call them tomorrow, because my dad wants it fixed..
anyway, if anyone can help, that would be great.. thanks