Moving the contents inside squares in a particular order

I have a question regarding moving the text to a specific square of the grid as explained below. I am working off of Paul’s CodePen which is demonstrating a drag and drop example and I’ve modified it a little bit in my JSFiddle to ask the following question:

What I’m looking for:

When a user clicks the Move Text Content! button, all the text inside the blue color cells on the left of the grid should move inside the grid. The order I want it to follow can be figured out based on the text inside the blue cell.

So, H1 Text should move inside H1 square ; H2 Text should move inside H2 square so on and so forth … H6 Text should move inside H6 square.

Once it has reached 6th square starting from row H, I would like to start filling next test from G1. Hence, G1 Text should go inside G1 square and so on and so forth …G6 Text should go inside G6 square.

The names inside blue text box is just for proper understanding purpose such that it’s easy to know where that text needs to go while figuring out a solution for this. In reality, it’s not going to be more than 8-10 characters of text.


One approach to address above requirement, that I am thnking is to define id for each and every <div class="content"></div> which corresponds to different squares and start approaching the problem from there. But I wanted to check with other people in this group to see if that’s the right direction I am going to be heading or if there’s a better way to handle what I’m trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance.

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Have that text in each grid square all the time but hide it initially using CSS.

As @archibald mentioned above it might just be easier to hide and show the elements but assuming you are adding only some content into the cells or that you want to specify different cell etc then the following approach may be useful.

Add a data-destination to the text that specifies the cell you want it to go to. As you have 8 rows of 12 then you can simply use a number from 1 - 96 to go the appropriate cell and then you can use nth-child in the js to find that cell without needing an id on the grid cells.

For h1 that would be data-destination=“85” .

 <div data-id="1"><span data-id="1" data-destination="85" class="words">H1 Text</span></div>
 <div data-id="2"><span data-id="2" data-destination="86" class="words">H2 Text</span></div>
const myButton = document.querySelector("#move-text");
myButton.addEventListener("click", () => {
function fill() {
  const cells = document.querySelectorAll("#phrase > div > span");
   var destination = 0;
  var newLoc = "";
  cells.forEach((cell, index) => {
    newLoc= document.querySelector(".item:nth-child(" + cell.dataset.destination +") .content ");

Full demo.

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Hmm, since the list on the left hand side of the grid is not fixed and it can be max of 96 elements or 12 elements just like I had in my JsFiddle demo or anything else, I believe I would have to assign data-destination value at the time of dynamic list generation.

Could you show me the calculation for how did you calculate number 85 for H1 cell?

I believe this number will be useful to save in the database as well since I am planning to save the cell info for a particular user in case they want to resume working on the webpage later on.


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Yes, how else would anyone know where it should go?

All you have is text in the element. Who determines where that text should go?

You just wrote “H2 text …” in the element so it seems like you are deciding where it should go and therefore you would have no problem in applying a data-destination at the same time.

You either have to identify it specifically or else you have to have 96 items on the left automatically corresponding to a cell on the right.

That’s basic math which I’m sure you know but maybe are not thinking about it :slight_smile:

There are 96 squares in the grid. They are in rows of 12. Therefore a6 would equal cell number 6 and b6 would equal cell number 18 and c6 would equal cell 30. It’s just multiples of 12.

A1 - A12 = 1 - 12
B1 - B12 = 13 - 24
C1 - C12 = 25 - 36
D1 = D12 = 37 - 48
E1 - E12 = 49 - 60
F1 - F12 = 61 - 72
G1 - G12 = 73 - 84
H1 - H12 = 85 - 96

No magic just math :slight_smile:

I’ve added numbers in the cells so you can see more clearly.

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Yes. Here’s how the divs with data-destination looks like when I specified all 96 squares in the order I want the squares to get filled:

div data-id="1"><span data-id="1" data-destination="85" class="words">(Sq#1)</span></div>
            <div data-id="2"><span data-id="2" data-destination="86" class="words"> (Sq#2)</span></div>
            <div data-id="3"><span data-id="3" data-destination="87" class="words"> (Sq#3)</span></div>
            <div data-id="4"><span data-id="4" data-destination="88" class="words">(Sq#4)</span></div>
            <div data-id="5"><span data-id="5" data-destination="89" class="words">(Sq#5)</span></div>
            <div data-id="6"><span data-id="6" data-destination="90" class="words">(Sq#6)</span></div>
            <div data-id="7"><span data-id="7" data-destination="73" class="words">(Sq#7)</span></div>
            <div data-id="8"><span data-id="8" data-destination="74" class="words">(Sq#8)</span></div>
            <div data-id="9"><span data-id="9" data-destination="75" class="words">(Sq#9)</span></div>
            <div data-id="10"><span data-id="10" data-destination="76" class="words">(Sq#10)</span></div>
            <div data-id="11"><span data-id="11" data-destination="77" class="words">(Sq#11)</span></div>
            <div data-id="12"><span data-id="12" data-destination="78" class="words">(Sq#12)</span></div>
            <div data-id="13"><span data-id="13" data-destination="61" class="words">Square 13</span></div>
            <div data-id="14"><span data-id="14" data-destination="62" class="words">Square#14</span></div>
            <div data-id="15"><span data-id="15" data-destination="63" class="words">Square#15</span></div>
            <div data-id="16"><span data-id="16" data-destination="64" class="words">Square#16</span></div>
            <div data-id="17"><span data-id="17" data-destination="65" class="words">Square#17</span></div>
            <div data-id="18"><span data-id="18" data-destination="66" class="words">Square#18</span></div>
            <div data-id="19"><span data-id="19" data-destination="49" class="words">Square#19</span></div>
            <div data-id="20"><span data-id="20" data-destination="50" class="words">Square#20</span></div>
            <div data-id="21"><span data-id="21" data-destination="51" class="words">Square#21</span></div>
            <div data-id="22"><span data-id="22" data-destination="52" class="words">Square#22</span></div>
            <div data-id="23"><span data-id="23" data-destination="53" class="words">Square#23</span></div>
            <div data-id="24"><span data-id="24" data-destination="54" class="words">Square#24</span></div>
            <div data-id="25"><span data-id="25" data-destination="37" class="words">Square#25</span></div>
            <div data-id="26"><span data-id="26" data-destination="38" class="words">Square#26</span></div>
            <div data-id="27"><span data-id="27" data-destination="39" class="words">Square#27</span></div>
            <div data-id="28"><span data-id="28" data-destination="40" class="words">Square#28</span></div>
            <div data-id="29"><span data-id="29" data-destination="41" class="words">Square#29</span></div>
            <div data-id="30"><span data-id="30" data-destination="42" class="words">Square#30</span></div>

            <div data-id="31"><span data-id="31" data-destination="25" class="words">Square#31</span></div>
            <div data-id="32"><span data-id="32" data-destination="26" class="words">Square#32</span></div>
            <div data-id="33"><span data-id="33" data-destination="27" class="words">Square#33</span></div>
            <div data-id="34"><span data-id="34" data-destination="28" class="words">Square#34</span></div>
            <div data-id="35"><span data-id="35" data-destination="29" class="words">Square#35</span></div>
            <div data-id="36"><span data-id="36" data-destination="30" class="words">Square#36</span></div>

            <div data-id="37"><span data-id="37" data-destination="13" class="words">Square#37</span></div>
            <div data-id="38"><span data-id="38" data-destination="14" class="words">Square#38</span></div>
            <div data-id="39"><span data-id="39" data-destination="15" class="words">Square#39</span></div>
            <div data-id="40"><span data-id="40" data-destination="16" class="words">Square#40</span></div>
            <div data-id="41"><span data-id="41" data-destination="17" class="words">Square#41</span></div>
            <div data-id="42"><span data-id="42" data-destination="18" class="words">Square#42</span></div>

            <div data-id="43"><span data-id="43" data-destination="1" class="words">Square#43</span></div>
            <div data-id="44"><span data-id="44" data-destination="2" class="words">Square#44</span></div>
            <div data-id="45"><span data-id="45" data-destination="3" class="words">Square#45</span></div>
            <div data-id="46"><span data-id="46" data-destination="4" class="words">Square#46</span></div>
            <div data-id="47"><span data-id="47" data-destination="5" class="words">Square#47</span></div>
            <div data-id="48"><span data-id="48" data-destination="6" class="words">Square#48</span></div>

            <!-- Other half of 48 divs -->

            <div data-id="49"><span data-id="49" data-destination="91" class="words">Square#49</span></div>
            <div data-id="50"><span data-id="50" data-destination="92" class="words">Square#50</span></div>
            <div data-id="51"><span data-id="51" data-destination="93" class="words">Square#51</span></div>
            <div data-id="52"><span data-id="52" data-destination="94" class="words">Square#52</span></div>
            <div data-id="53"><span data-id="53" data-destination="95" class="words">Square#53</span></div>
            <div data-id="54"><span data-id="54" data-destination="96" class="words">Square#54</span></div>

            <div data-id="55"><span data-id="55" data-destination="79" class="words">Square#55</span></div>
            <div data-id="56"><span data-id="56" data-destination="80" class="words">Square#56</span></div>
            <div data-id="57"><span data-id="57" data-destination="81" class="words">Square#57</span></div>
            <div data-id="58"><span data-id="58" data-destination="82" class="words">Square#58</span></div>
            <div data-id="59"><span data-id="59" data-destination="83" class="words">Square#59</span></div>
            <div data-id="60"><span data-id="60" data-destination="84" class="words">Square#60</span></div>

            <div data-id="61"><span data-id="61" data-destination="67" class="words">Square#61</span></div>
            <div data-id="62"><span data-id="62" data-destination="68" class="words">Square#62</span></div>
            <div data-id="63"><span data-id="63" data-destination="69" class="words">Square#63</span></div>
            <div data-id="64"><span data-id="64" data-destination="70" class="words">Square#64</span></div>
            <div data-id="65"><span data-id="65" data-destination="71" class="words">Square#65</span></div>
            <div data-id="66"><span data-id="66" data-destination="72" class="words">Square#66</span></div>

            <div data-id="67"><span data-id="67" data-destination="55" class="words">Square#67</span></div>
            <div data-id="68"><span data-id="68" data-destination="56" class="words">Square#68</span></div>
            <div data-id="69"><span data-id="69" data-destination="57" class="words">Square#69</span></div>
            <div data-id="70"><span data-id="70" data-destination="58" class="words">Square#70</span></div>
            <div data-id="71"><span data-id="71" data-destination="59" class="words">Square#71</span></div>
            <div data-id="72"><span data-id="72" data-destination="60" class="words">Square#72</span></div>

            <div data-id="73"><span data-id="73" data-destination="43" class="words">Square#73</span></div>
            <div data-id="74"><span data-id="74" data-destination="44" class="words">Square#74</span></div>
            <div data-id="75"><span data-id="75" data-destination="45" class="words">Square#75</span></div>
            <div data-id="76"><span data-id="76" data-destination="46" class="words">Square#76</span></div>
            <div data-id="77"><span data-id="77" data-destination="47" class="words">Square#77</span></div>
            <div data-id="78"><span data-id="78" data-destination="48" class="words">Square#78</span></div>

            <div data-id="79"><span data-id="79" data-destination="31" class="words">Square#79</span></div>
            <div data-id="80"><span data-id="80" data-destination="32" class="words">Square#80</span></div>
            <div data-id="81"><span data-id="81" data-destination="33" class="words">Square#81</span></div>
            <div data-id="82"><span data-id="82" data-destination="34" class="words">Square#82</span></div>
            <div data-id="83"><span data-id="83" data-destination="35" class="words">Square#83</span></div>
            <div data-id="84"><span data-id="84" data-destination="36" class="words">Square#84</span></div>

            <div data-id="85"><span data-id="85" data-destination="19" class="words">Square#85</span></div>
            <div data-id="86"><span data-id="86" data-destination="20" class="words">Square#86</span></div>
            <div data-id="87"><span data-id="87" data-destination="21" class="words">Square#87</span></div>
            <div data-id="88"><span data-id="88" data-destination="22" class="words">Square#88</span></div>
            <div data-id="89"><span data-id="89" data-destination="23" class="words">Square#89</span></div>
            <div data-id="90"><span data-id="90" data-destination="24" class="words">Square#90</span></div>

            <div data-id="91"><span data-id="91" data-destination="7" class="words">Square#91</span></div>
            <div data-id="92"><span data-id="92" data-destination="8" class="words">Square#92</span></div>
            <div data-id="93"><span data-id="93" data-destination="9" class="words">Square#93</span></div>
            <div data-id="94"><span data-id="94" data-destination="10" class="words">Square#94</span></div>
            <div data-id="95"><span data-id="95" data-destination="11" class="words">Square#95</span></div>
            <div data-id="96"><span data-id="96" data-destination="12" class="words">Square#96</span></div>

As can be seen the sequence for data-destination is from 85 to 90 for first 6 text. 73-78 for next 6 texts and so on and so forth.

Isn’t it going to be complex at the time of generating these divs with data-destination at the time of dynamically generating the list? For example, if I have a list of 9 texts. So the first five would go with the location with data-destination value of 85-90 and the remaining 3 would go with the location with data-destination value of 73-75.

The approach I was thinking of was to have predefined arrays for all the values.

For example,

let array1 = [“85”, “86”,“87”,“88”,“89”,“90”];

let array2 = [“73”,“74”,“75”,“76”,“77”,“78”];

and so on and so forth .

So while generating the dynamic list, I could use (in my example of 9 texts) all the six values from array1 and first 3 values from array2. Does this approah sound like I’m heading in right direction?

Not to me :slight_smile:

Why are they all out of order?

If you are filling all squares then why don’t you fill them in order? No need for any numbers if you are filling all squares as you just put the item in the right element to begin with!

So who decided that they should go in that position? What method is making that choice? Whatever method you use to make that choice could simply at the same time add the data-destination. I expect you are doing this in PHP or something so I don’t see the problem or difficulty or the need for multiple arrays of stuff. If these items are save in a database or whatever then you could save an index or something that points to the square where the element needs to reside.

As the side list is dynamically created and there is the expectation that for every position in the list there is predefined position in the grid I would fill the list and at the same time fill the table cell.
Use css to show the list and hide the table contents, then use the button to hide the list and unhide the table.
Or am I missing something?

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Because I have a requirement to fill it in such a way. Here is a screenshot which shows the numbering inside the cell and number 1 is starting from H1, number 2 starts from H2 and so on and so forth.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

It will be in JSP but I’m trying to handle it via Javascript as of now.

Where are those data numbers coming from? Why would you want the first item of data to be at H1 and then suddenly at h7 you want the 49th piece of data.

Why don’t you simply order them linearly to start with. You can output whatever data you like but you’d just start logically.

Or do you have a list that you can’t change?

There probably is a mathematical formula to work it all out with a few loops but there’s no point in writing it until we are certain what you want. You can with CSS use the order property to move things around but you’d have to hard code it anyway so you may as well use the data-destination method.

I think I’d need to know a bit more why your data is structured this way. :slight_smile:

Sure. The whole grid thing is going to serve as a map for a hardware device that has plates(similar to square) used in a laboratory. So lab people put the reagents(the name of the reagent is equivalent to the text that we are putting in each square in our scenario ) to test in a certain order. So whatever reagents the laboratory people get, they have to put it in a certain order. This order is what the image I shared in my last post. The number written in that image is just to show what order they follow as far as putting the reagent is concerned. Hence, the order is followed in such a way that first six reagents will be put on the plate(square of the grid) starting from H1 to H6 and then the order for next reagents ( if there are six more followed after first six) will be G7 to G12 and so on and so forth.

Why do you need the drag and drop if you are applying them all with the button?

… and if that’s the case why don’t you just display it by default?

There are still a lot of loose ends here :slight_smile:

Nonetheless the logic of your ordering can be done with JS and would look like this.

It just creates an array of numbers that match your logic.

function reArrange() {
  var limit1 = 85;
  var limit2 = 91;

  for (let loop = 0; loop < 8; loop++) {
    for (let i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
      reOrder.push(limit1 + i);
    limit1 = limit1 - 12;
  for (let loop = 0; loop < 8; loop++) {
    for (let j = 0; j < 6; j++) {
      reOrder.push(limit2 + j);
    limit2 = limit2 - 12;

I don’t really see how that is any easier than just adding the data-destination to the html to start with but it might be useful as an example. Also bear in mind my JS is very basic and that nested loop is probably not the right way to do this.:wink: