Javascript to scroll to element with ID after event

I’ve got a script that scrolls the page to the top when a form in an iframe has submitted and new content loads into the iframe.

function() {
top: 0,
left: 0,
behavior: 'smooth'

Instead of scrolling to the top I need the page to scroll to a particular element with a specific ID. How would that code need to change?

I’m not very knowledgable with JS, so would really appreciate the full code needed. Thank you so much!

Is the new content which loads into the iframe.a new HTML document?

Thank you for your reply, @snadyleiby

Yes, a new document loads.

Lets assume that the new HTML document is named newpage.html
and inside it there is an element that contains the attribute id=“foo”.

Then there is actually no need for JavaScript.

In the code for your form’s submiission, just change newpage.html to

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