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    I personally use IE. I simply find it better then Netscape X.X Now, I have never tried Opera, though I think I might give it a go around.

    I have been developing a website for my employer and using all the latest in CSS and tables and the like, I have found that the only browser that it doesn't work in is Netscape 4.X It runs fine in everything else. Now, I have to waste my time trying to get workable version for Netscape 4 done, since there are actually clients that still use it!

    But I have a nice little band-aid on it: I have a browser sniffer, so that when it finds Netscape 4, it refuses to let the user in the site until they upgrade to Netscape 6. A quick fix, an a permanent one if I had my way.


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    Personally, I use a similar method, however, instead of blocking the site out completely for NS 4.x users, I display a message at the top of the pages letting them know that they should upgrade, but if not then all formatting aside from the text will be lost.

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    (Rant first, useful comment lower down)

    I'd say Netscape still has a long way to go before it's my browser of choice. For example, LITTLE TO NO XML SUPPORT!

    Not true for NN6.x and Mozilla.

    Go to and try to take their tutorial on NS6.x. It just doesn't work

    A few choice snippets from :

    In this Web we focus on the XML support in Internet Explorer 5.0. [...] we don't do it because IE5 is the only performer in the XML field.

    [note the lack of mention of IE6]

    Netscape has promised full XML support in its new Navigator 5 browser.

    Um... Netscape 6 was released over 15 months ago. It had... problems, but it was released. This site has hallmarks of being written over 18 months ago and not updated since. In something as up-to-the-minute as XML, that's not a good sign.

    Of the 10 main articles linked on the front page:
    6 mention ASP in the title
    6 use Microsoft proprietary XML tools/objects
    2 mention Microsoft in the title (one of those appears to be little more than an MS press release)
    1 mentions using super-whizbang features of IIS5 and IE5 in the summary.

    May I suggest that site is not totally impartial? (No, nor am I)

    (end of rant)

    Now, as to why their XML doesn't "work" in N6.x/mozilla. Here's the source of one of their example files:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO8859-1" ?>
    <body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body>

    Now, if you load that into a browser, what's it supposed to do? According to the W3C, almost anything it likes, since there's no style sheet telling the browser how to render it.

    IE chooses to render it as a tree, which is fine and dandy. Many people love it.

    N6.x and mozilla choose to strip all the tags and just give you the text. Many people don't love it.

    In mozilla, if you want a tree view, fire up the DOM inspector[1] and poke around to your heart's content.

    Further reading : ([RFE] Better Default layout for "vanilla" XML documents)

    [1] I Don't think N6.x has the DOM inspector yet. It'll be in the next release, tho.


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