The Ultimate Email Toolkit: 16 Fantastic Email Tools

Lauren Holliday
Lauren Holliday

Now, more than ever, the easiest way to reach someone is by email. After all, 95 percent of online consumers use email, and 91 percent of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day.

What’s more, survey respondents spent more time per week with email than any other digital activity – an hour more than popular digital diversions such as Facebook and texting.

In other words, if you haven’t been focusing on improving your email marketing, you better prioritize it now, or your business may suffer.

We know cold emailing can be a drag, which is why we compiled the ultimate email toolkit – a list of 16 fantastic email tools that will make emailing fun – or at least a breeze.

16 Fantastic Email Tools

1. Wisestamp – $4/mo

Do you have multiple email addresses? Are you sick of Gmail’s ugly email signature options that do not let you attach an image? I was, and so I purchased WiseStamp, which is the prettiest email signature solution. Not only is it a better looking option but it is also easy to switch signatures between email accounts.

2. Yesware – $12/mo

I don’t know how I lived without Yesware. Ever wonder if that important lead or client opened your email? Wonder if they clicked on your link or opened your file attachment? Yesware tracks all of that information for you, and let’s you know as soon they click, open or download. Another cool feature of Yesware is that it lets you create email templates for emails you send on the reg.

3. Subject Line Tester – FREE

This is a simple tool that grades your subject line before you hit send — for free! It gives you a score as high as 100, and it tells you specifically why you received that score.

4. Voila Norbert – FREE

Voila Norbert is my go-to resource for finding an important person’s email address that isn’t listed on a website. I simply type in the person’s first and last name along with the domain name without the “http” in the beginning and “/“ at the end. Finally, it pumps out the email address I wanted 99.9 percent of time.

5. Crystal – FREE

Crystal isn’t kidding when it claims to be the biggest improvement to email since spell check. I discovered Crystal the other day on Product Hunt, and I’ve been obsessed since. This handy email extension creates unique personality profiles for every person with an online presence, preparing you to speak or write in someone else’s natural, communication style.

6. Rapportive – FREE

Rapportive is a popular gmail extension that brings LinkedIn to your inbox. It shows you everything about your contacts right inside of gmail.

7. Ugly Email – FREE

Are you sick of people being creepy and tracking your emails? Me too (even though I do it too), which is why I downloaded this Chrome extension. It tells you before you open the email if the specific email is being tracked.

8. Canned Emails – FREE

Are you unsure what to type? That’s okay because there’s a solution for that – Canned Emails. Canned Emails is a minimal site with prewritten emails. It has everything from apologies to thanks and more.

9. Really Good Emails – FREE

Maybe you have a client you need to design onboarding emails for, and you’re stumped for inspiration. Where the heck are you going to find really good onboarding email inspiration? At Really Good Emails, of course. Check out the best emails on everything from onboarding to cart abandonment and more.

10. Email Report Card – FREE

Have you heard of Contactually? For those of you who haven’t, Contactually is a SaaS that helps you nurture your leads better. The company created a tool, called Email Report Card, that analyzes or grades your emailing over the past year – in 2014.

11. Unroll.Me – FREE

I could not live without As someone with more than 1000 newsletter subscriptions, this tool saves my inbox life. cleans up your inbox by allowing you to easily choose which emails wind up in your “rollup,” which is sent to your inbox on the basis you choose. It’s one email of all your subscriptions. It’s that easy.

12. – FREE

Email scheduling can be a real pain, especially if you can’t afford a virtual assistant to schedule meetings for you. I surely can’t so I hired to help solve my scheduling headaches. This email extension inserts your availability into emails for your client to choose. Once your client clicks on the time good for them, automatically sends invites to both parties and schedules it on your calendar.

13. Revue – FREE

Do you find amazing links daily? Instead of sending these goodies to people spontaneously, have them sign up for a weekly automated digest that Revue creates based on the links you curated that week. All you have to do is collect the stuff you want in your digest by clicking one button, and Revue handles the rest.

14. Pause Inbox – FREE

Take a break from your email, literally, with Pause Inbox. This Chrome extension allows you to put your inbox on pause so you’re not distracted by email when you need to get stuff done. It triggers an auto-responder, telling emailers you’ve paused your inbox so no one gets upset you’re not responding straight away.

15. Boomerang – FREE

Boomerang is a gmail extension that you only need if you haven’t purchased Yesware. The tool allows you to write emails now but schedule them to be sent later. This is perfect if you’re a night owl but don’t want people to get creeped out that you’re sending emails so late in the evening or wee hours of the morning.

16. Unsubscribe Button – FREE

The Unsubscribe Button does exactly what it insinuates. It easily unsubscribes you from emails without having to hunt for the unsubscribe button. You must be in Chrome to utilize this button.

What are your favorite email tools? Tell us in the comments below. We want in on your secrets!