Change in the Wind: CloudSpring Moves to SitePoint

Tom Museth

Change is afoot, CloudSpring fans.

Since CloudSpring launched on the SitePoint network in July 2011, we’ve brought you all the news there is to know about the world of cloud computing, kept you abreast of developments in cloud-related technologies, and published handy tutorials on migrating apps, securing data, improving performance … you name it. From SaaS, IaaS and PaaS to AWS, Oracle and Google Compute Engine, we’ve aimed to cover all aspects of the cloud and its role on the web.

The SitePoint network is always evolving, and as part of a revamp for 2013, we’ve brought CloudSpring back into our main site. We think it’s a smarter fit — SitePoint explores a diverse range of web technologies, and we feel cloud computing falls neatly under the SitePoint umbrella.

So as of today you’ll see a dedicated CloudSpring section on SitePoint. Here you’ll be able to find all the latest and greatest articles and tutorials on the world of the cloud — not to mention all the content that’s been posted on CloudSpring over the last 18 months or so. We’ve got a skilled, dedicated bunch of writers with their heads in the cloud, and they’ll regularly be posting on the CloudSpring page. Hopefully we can open up the world of cloud computing to a wide audience, and get a good dialogue happening among you all.

The web is always changing; and CloudSpring is changing with it. Check out the brand new CloudSpring section — and as always, your feedback is welcome.