2011 is the Year of Mobile (really!)

Every year for the past three years (at least), I’ve heard, “This year is the year of Mobile!” Every year, Mobile marketing becomes bigger and bigger, but it has still yet toĀ explode. Well, 2011Ā will be the year.

The reason why Mobile marketing hasn’t taken off in a significant way is because of one really simple reason: Mobile internet usage. Only a small percentage of users accessed the Internet on their cell phones. MostĀ feature phones can access the Internet, but it’s slow and tedious.

To really be able to use the Internet to its full potential, you need a smartphone; yet smartphones have been too expensive for a large portion of the population. Now with the explosion of Android phones, smartphones can be had for less than $50, which is less than the price of some feature phones.

According to the Nielsen Group, sales of smartphones will surpass feature phones in Q3 2011, as this graphic indicates:

Smartphone usage in the US

This is the year we’ll see an explosion in Mobile advertising and marketingā€”from apps to location-based services to the Mobile web. If you are yet to take a look at Mobile, now is the time to start. Whether you need a Mobile-optimized website, application, or listing on Foursquare will depend on your individual business … but one thing is for sureā€”you need to do something!

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