the issue I have is sort of online marketing / ad server / piggyback related, maybe somebody can give me some input. I need to piggyback a pixel in order to combine a pixel and a tag.

Please note: I got the following from a client and I don't really know what server side technology they use, so any general help or things I should dig in deeper are appreciated

Pixel A:

<img src="http://pixel.domainA.com/pixel?action=pixel&id=123" width="1" height="1"/>

Tag B:


Problem 1) (redirect implemented cuts off parameters)

- client has implemented a serverside redirect with parameter "&r"


The parameter correctly redirects to Tag B, but the tag gets cut off at the & after id=123456 so the additional parameters do not get passed. Encoding Tag B fixes the issue in testing but is not a feasible solution because the ad server macro (%SOME_ADSERVER_PARAMETER%) will not work when encoded.

Is there any way to redirect with preserving the ad server macros as parameters?

Problem 2) (redirect does not work at all)

- using a redirect parameter “&go”


It does not seem to redirect at all. When I look at liveheaders I only see the following requests:

#request# GET http://domainB.com/view.php?id=12345..._PARAMETER%&z=[TIMESTAMP]&go= http://pixel.domainA.com/pixel?action=pixel&id=123

GET /view.php?id=123456&ai=&si=%SOME_ADSERVER_PARAMETER%&z=[TIMESTAMP]&go=%20http://pixel.domainA.com/pixel?action=pixel&id=123

#request# GET http://domainB.com/favicon.ico

Again, I don't really know how the redirects are implemented on the server side. Can anybody point me out to something I can further investigate?