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    How to come up with a quote

    Hi everybody,

    I am currently looking for a way to put a price on my services.

    We created a web design company and we will be providing professional services, but We don't know where to start when it comes to pricing.

    let's have an example.

    let's say we have a customer that wants the following:
    - create a new design for his site
    - and manage his website using a cms
    - the website is very basic with fire different sections and each section has like 3 sub pages

    now,, how much people charge.. I know that we have a lot of designers here and I would like to get their input.

    if this topic is posted in the wrong section please let me know.

    once again we are providing design, programming and management for the website + hosting


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    Break it down into hours. How long will it take for you to:

    • gather information
    • create the mockup
    • revise the mockup until client is satisfied
    • code the HTML/CSS
    • install the CMS
    • integrate your HTML/CSS into the CMS
    • modify the CMS to meet clients needs (plugins, etc)

    multiply the total hours by your rate per hour. You'll also need to factor in hosting fees (if you're hosting the client), domain registration fees, and a projection of how much management (maintenance) the site will need.

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    There's a great sticky thread about coming up with quotes / prices:

    How to determine what to charge a client

    Talks about the various methods of pricing, including hourly / time based like Kevin Boss mentioned, as well as value based. Well worth a read.
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    You need to determine what your time is worth. If you do have a "we" in your company you need to factor in their cost as well. Once you know that number, you need to get all the details from the customer and break everything down, assigning a time to it. It's not that difficult, but you need to understand your costs and what you even need to make to survive. There are plenty of good articles on this subject, I think there is a link in my signature to a recent blog posting of mine about determining what your time is worth.


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