Hi Guys,

i have a huge problem...........

basically i am geting GPS data on my server in the following format, The data is saved in a text file,

$KENNY1,run,c7, 4680,,839527

$KENNY1,run,b,, 4680,,958585

$KENNY1,run,h9, 4680,,839527

$KENNY1,run,h5, 4680,,958585
Above is EXACTLY how the file.txt looks

Ok, now for the problem,

I need to extract the data from the file and insert it into my DB,

All that is important on the first line is the last number ie:958585 or 839527 (2 different units)

then there are a few fields needed on the second line, But i need to know the number of the unit from the first line so i can associate the second line to the first,

After extracting the data, and inserting it into my DB i would like to delete the line,

Does anyone have any ideas on how i could accomplish this?