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    What you don't get

    There's a chicken and egg thing that a lot of folks here don't seem to want to understand.

    If ytou do the right stuff with and to your site, you can get ads placed at significantly higher ($2-50) CPM rates than I ever see discussed here.

    Think like an advertiser. What would you want to see in a site? Amateur night? "Oh yeah, trust me" instead of audit demographics? An empty place instead of a busy one?

    Consider advertising income as the return on an investment. You need to make the investment. It might be a brillliant one-shot traffic getter (like the site with the supermodel eggs). It might be a well-targeted and well-promoted traffic getter (like It might be a small but very well targeted branded site (like CMP TechWeb).

    But even if it's a site about collecting bottle caps or about high school practical jokes, put yourself in an advertiser's mindset and think about how you would want to change things.

    Which also means, know who's coming to your site, get more of them, interest them in more ways and ask yourself who has something to sell to them (where they control the choice of where to buy or what to buy). For a high schooler without much money to spend, for example, you still have a target for military recruiting, college and technical school recruiting, music, selected fashions and fast food.

    What you - or a lot of you - don't get - or don't seem to get - is that this takes work. Sometimes it takes money. It always takes understanding and knowledge and a focused aproach.

    So please allow me to suggest...

    Those of you who have found either a specific tweak that suddenly made you more attractive or productive for advertisers. share your stories here.

    Ditto for those who seem to be facing a no-way-out dilemma.

    Maybe a little group-think can help.
    _____/\/\arty \/\/inston

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    Work! Nobody told me this was gonna take work! I better cut down on my time in the cement pond.


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