Design & UX
Tanay Pant, Apr 01

What is the WebP Image Format (And Why Does It Matter)?

Google launched the WebP image format back in 2010 to speed up the web. How does it work? Can you use it? Should you use it? Tanay answers your questions.
Zack Wallace, Mar 25

10 Handy Disposable Online Services

Not every amazing service on the web requires a sign-up or a download. Zack Wallace details a host of useful services you can use once and forget.
Craig Buckler, Mar 11

How to Improve Your Workflow With BrowserSync 2.0

The write code, switch to browser, hit refresh and repeat ritual is over. BrowserSync 2.0 will revolutionize your workflow.
Craig Buckler, Mar 05

Vivaldi: Opera's Spiritual Successor

Vivaldi is a new browser developed by ex-Opera employees. Craig reviews the features and concludes it's what Opera 15+ should have been.
Craig Buckler, Mar 03

Browser Trends March 2015: Renewed Interest in Opera?

Following bizarre US IE8 usage patterns in 2014, the browser market returned to normal. Chrome had a small increase but Opera is also attracting attention.
Elio Qoshi, Feb 25

What's New in Firefox 36: Android Debugging, HTTP/2 Support and More!

Elio Qoshi takes a look at the latest version of Firefox, version 36, and the new developer goodies, including support for better Android debugging
Craig Buckler, Feb 11

Browser Trends February 2015: The US IE8 Rebound

IE8 usage in the USA trebled during December 2014. Craig has analyzed the latest StatCounter numbers to discover whether the hike continued into the new year.
Craig Buckler, Jan 28

Microsoft Spartan and the Future for Internet Explorer

Spartan is Microsoft's attempt to break free from Internet Explorer's tainted legacy. Craig discusses how it could help Microsoft, users and web developers.
Craig Buckler, Jan 21

What's New in Firefox 35

Moziila released Firefox 35 on January 13, 2015. Few users will notice many changes but that's because all the new features are for web developers. Craig takes a look.
Craig Buckler, Jan 07

Browser Trends January 2015: IE8 Usage ... Triples?!

Welcome to 2015. Bizarrely, IE8 usage in the USA trebled during December. A statistical setback or something more sinister?
Craig Buckler, Dec 09

Browser Trends December 2014: Safari Survival?

We take a year-end look at the web browser market. With all vendors losing out to Chrome, Craig asks whether the desktop version of Safari has a viable future.
Craig Buckler, Dec 04

What's New in Firefox 34

Craig looks at the many new and improved features in Firefox 34 and discusses the controversial switch from Google to Yahoo as the default search provider.
Craig Buckler, Nov 27

What's New in Chrome 39

Chrome 39 introduces some great new features such as ES6 Generators, the Beacon API and Web Animation controls. But what's the point of Immersive Mode?!
Craig Buckler, Nov 26

Easy Internet Explorer Testing with RemoteIE

How can you test a browser which is not available on your OS? If Virtual Machines are too much effort, try RemoteIE on your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.
Elio Qoshi, Nov 13

Mozilla Introduces Firefox Developer Edition

Elio Qoshi, a Mozilla volunteer representative, explains Mozilla's new major release: A separate standalone version of Firefox designed for web developers.
Elio Qoshi, Nov 10

Firefox: 10 Reasons to Celebrate 10 Years

Firefox is celebrating its 10th year in existence. Elio Qoshi looks back at some of the biggest milestones in the popular web browser's history.
Craig Buckler, Nov 06

Browser Trends November 2014: IE Drops Below 20%

Craig takes his regular look at the monthly web browser usage charts. Despite a small increase last month, IE usage has now dropped below one in five users.
Craig Buckler, Nov 05

HTML5 and the W3C Recommendation Ruckus

The HTML5 Specification has become a W3C Recommendation. Despite the media attention, Craig discusses why it'll have little impact on web development.
Elio Qoshi, Oct 14

What's New in Firefox 33

Elio looks at the major new features included in Firefox 33, with particular attention given to the WebIDE, the @media sidebar, and the event listener popup
Craig Buckler, Oct 01

Browser Trends October 2014: Back to Work

Craig takes a look at the monthly web browser usage charts provided by StatCounter. Does IE's resurgence show summer is over in the northern hemisphere?
Tim Evko, Sep 24

Web Apps Are the Future

Native mobile apps require storage space, an internet connection, and often need several data-heavy updates. Tim Evko says we should adopt web apps instead.
Craig Buckler, Sep 08

What's New in Chrome 37

Craig looks at the latest release of Google Chrome and discovers several interesting new features for designers and developers.
Craig Buckler, Sep 02

Browser Trends September 2014: Chrome Is the Top Mobile Browser

Craig takes another glance at the StatCounter web browser usage charts. The big news: Chrome is now the top browser on both desktop and mobile devices.
Ophelie Lechat, Aug 27

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