Towards fully automated marketing

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I did something today I should have done a long time ago: Put the marketing of my book on 100% autopilot.

Previously, every Tuesday I’d write a fresh new newsletter to prospects.

No more. I have enough content by far to put all of my newsletters on autoresponder. Every prospect gets a series of newsletters for about six months. Each issue provides more content than most newsletters, plus a small pitch for my book and/or consulting services.

After six months, they get a notice that their subscription has ended, and a final request for them to check out the book. I’ll still send my list of contacts messages as new news comes up, but six months of free information is about right for a prospect to make up his or her mind to hire me or not. (And I’m testing that hypothesis, so that I can add more content if needed).

I have too much going on with other start ups and clients not to have my marketing on autopilot. Thanks to Google, a web site that gets prospects involved, and an automated newsletter, I can focus on other things.

By the way, I sincerely hope you have subscribed to my newsletter at Even though it’s on auto-pilot, the content has been very well received.

How about you? Do you have a newsletter? Is it on autopilot?

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