WordPress Tutorials

This Tutorials section of our WordPress Hub presents a series of in-depth guides to rolling your sleeves up and getting more done with WordPress.

We start with a three-part series on building your own WordPress theme from scratch, which starts by introducing how themes are structured, and then digs into how to building a basic theme and then how to refine that basic theme.

We walk through the simple steps of creating your own WordPress widget via a plugin, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress or writing code.

Of course, WordPress is not just for blogging, so we dig into how you can use WordPress to run a regular, non-blog website, covering the steps required to disable blog-specific functionality, how to choose the right kind of theme, plugins for non-blog sites, and issues related to content management issues on non-blog WordPress sites. We also look more specifically at how to create an ecommerce site with WordPress, firstly for selling physical goods and then for selling digital products.

Have you heard of a headless CMS? We explain what a headless CMS is, why you’d use one, and then take you through how to get started using WordPress as a headless CMS.

Our WordPress REST API tutorial shows how to create your own custom route(s) for WP-API, and we also cover how to use the WordPress Settings API to build a custom admin Page.

We show how to create a WordPress plugin that makes use of the Vue.js library, creating a shortcode that can be used to display a Vue component in posts and pages. It fetches and displays the latest posts every five seconds. We also give you the skinny on how to get started building a WordPress REST API app using React.

And we show how WordPress users can prepare their site content for the extended reality future.

Take a look below for links to further WordPress tutorials, and consider checking out our WordPress books and video courses.

Further Learning

This WordPress Hub also has a Tips and Best Practices section, containing a range of tips and tricks for getting the most out of WordPress, and a Tools section, where we cover a range of useful resources for working with WordPress.