Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most popular open-source, front-end frameworks on the Web. Since its official release in 2011, it has undergone several changes, and it’s now one of the most stable and responsive frameworks available.

Bootstrap is loved by web developers of all levels, as it gives them the capability to build a functional, attractive website design within minutes. A novice developer with just some basic knowledge of HTML and a little CSS can easily get started with Bootstrap.

Today’s websites should be modern, sleek, responsive, and “mobile first”. Bootstrap helps us to achieve these goals with minimum fuss, providing a solid foundation for any website, irrespective of project size.

Getting Started with Bootstrap

This Bootstrap Hub provides you with a wide range of guides for getting started with Bootstrap if you’re new to this CSS framework. You can read about why you’ll love Bootstrap, learn how Bootstrap works, how to speed up a Bootstrap site, and lots more.

Bootstrap Tutorials

If you’re looking for something more advanced, or want to consolidate your skill base, check out our Bootstrap 3 and 4 Tutorials. For example, you might want to create a full-screen Bootstrap carousel, incorporate CSS3 animations or the GSAP library with Bootstrap, build a simple Tumblr theme for Bootstrap, work with responsive design or build your own responsive theme for Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Tools

You can also learn about a range of Bootstrap tools to help you get things done, such as grid systems and CSS for working with Bootstrap’s Grid, UI Libraries for Angular, React and Vue.js, and online tools and playgrounds for Bootstrap.

Happy learning!