By Sam Deering

jQuery Remove First Array Element

By Sam Deering

Simple JavaScript code snippet to remove the first element of an array. You can also remove the last element of the array just as easy. Just use the JavaScript array.shift() and array.pop() methods. These methods changes the length of the array!

var myarray = ["item 1", "item 2", "item 3", "item 4"];

//removes the first element of the array, and returns that element.
//alerts "item 1"

//removes the last element of the array, and returns that element.
//alerts "item 4"

Don’t forget to put your jQuery code inside a document ready function. See 4 different jQuery document ready examples for more info.


  • Edvard Karlsen

    Is this meant as a joke?

    • Hi Edvard,
      Yeah this one was a joke between my mates where I used to work! :)

  • Edvard Karlsen

    Why is “jQuery” mentioned in this post?

  • Fred Vladova

    Or, you could just use JQuery to myArray.slice(1) away the first array item (zero), by starting at an index of 1.

    I don’t have an immediate answer for eliminating the last item, but it should be something like “(0, length-1)”. I dunno if it’s usually useful to eliminate the last item in an array, but the first item can sometimes be column header information that isn’t relevant, especially when dealing with JSON API stuff. (I’m looking at YOU, Census Bureau!!!). ;)

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