How Many of These Essential WordPress Tools & Services Are You Using?

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WordPress became the Internet’s ultimate website builder. It happened because their design team set that as their goal and worked hard to make it happen. There’s no magic involved here. It was a matter of creating a builder that lets web designers adjust their websites any way they wanted. WordPress team has also come up with or promoted the tools and plugins that would enable them to do it.

Tools are not the only one thing that makes WordPress the ultimate builder. It’s the services businesses and agencies offer as well. This article is dedicated to 10 of the top tools and services.

Any one of these can take your work and your end products to levels higher than you might have thought possible.

So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the journey.

1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

When looking for the best approach to building a website, you want a solution that offers the most flexibility. That’s exactly what Elementor offers, and it’s this approach that made it the #1 page builder in under 2 years’ time. This free open-source page builder lets you build everything and anything without any need for coding.

You can start with one of Elementor’s 130 designer-made templates, design your own template, or import one from elsewhere.

Elementor gives you super-fast performance, and because of its live frontend editing feature, it can make you a super-fast website builder. Special features include new ones like the reusable templates, form integrations, custom CSS, visual form builder and enhanced menu builder. There are many more of course, the best way to learn is to try it yourself and see why people get hooked.

Starting from zero a little less than 2 years ago, the Elementor user base has now reached 1 million in size.

That says something!

2. Brizy


Brizy is another premier tool that provides an effortless way to visually build WordPress websites. It’s also free to download, it’s easy to use, and the UX it provides is as friendly and intuitive as you’ll find anywhere.

The outstanding user experience is due in part to its clutter free interface. Although Brizy offers a multitude of design and development features and options, they do not serve as distractions. They aren’t crammed into remote sidebars; they are there only when you need them.

A good way to see if Brizy is right for you is to test it on their website. It won’t cost a cent, and you can even keep the HTML you create to use wherever you wish.

More than 4,000 icons and 150 pre-made design blocks are included in the package.

3. Posts Table Pro WordPress Table Plugin

Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro is the ultimate plugin for creating document libraries, directories of events, music playlists, member directories, and much more. When using this plugin, no data entry is necessary to create libraries, directories, and other tables. This is because the data already exists in the WordPress database, for example as your posts, pages or a custom post type. Multimedia content including audio files, images, video players and media playlists can be displayed in the same table.

Popular uses of Post Table Pro include compiling a WordPress document library, member directory, blog post or web page index, and listing products from any eCommerce plugin in a table.

Post Table Pro is easy to work with and extremely flexible. Entries can be ordered or sorted, columns can be customized, the tables are responsive, and shortcodes can be used to select various table options.

4. WordXpress


WordXpress offers WordPress website maintenance and support in a variety of areas. This service will make your life easier and reduce your workaday stress by performing necessary updates and edits to your website, anticipating and preventing potential issues, and implementing SEO optimization, security, speed, and marketing tools on your website.

WordXpress management plans include security, cloud backup, marketing tools, and even hosting on their top plan.

5. Logic Hop — Personalized Marketing for WordPress


While there are many marketing solutions for WordPress Logic Hop’s stands out. Logic Hop provides a personalized marketing solution that delivers more sales, leads, and conversions based on visitors’ activities on your website, their interests, and where they came from.

You can collect data on the fly with Logic Hop or integrate it with WooCommerce, Google Analytics, or other tools to acquire your personalized marketing data.

6. Goodie


One of the best approaches to building a website is to hand the design over to a development team or agency. The Goodie team of experienced and extremely competent developers is at your service.

Whether you provide a set of digital design files for them to work from, or you’ve simply sketched out your design ideas on paper, they will work with you to ensure you receive the results you want and expect.

7. WordLift


WordLift is an AI-powered SEO solution that translates your content into the machine-friendly content used by search crawlers, chatbots, and digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to grow your traffic and help consumers make decisions and take actions.

Without any need for technical skills or expertise, content writers can create semantic content recommendations, automatic interlinking, and other SEO-friendly features to create a richer and friendlier UX and increase the reach of your website.

8. Starfish Reviews– WP Plugin

Starfish Reviews

If the reviews you’ve been receiving tend to fall in the 1-to-3 star sector, Starfish Reviews is a WordPress review management plugin that can help you do better. Starfish Reviews enables you to get reviews on platforms of your choosing including Amazon, Google, Facebook or specialty platforms like iTunes and TripAdvisor.

Your review ratings are bound to increase with help from this “reputation management” tool.


Whether it’s your car or your website, if it has a problem that needs fixing you’ll get the most for your money (and probably save money as well) by taking it to a qualified mechanic. is the Internet’s equivalent of your neighborhood garage, and the team are the qualified website mechanics.

The services offered are many, and the services rendered are guaranteed by a 100% money back policy.

10. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro

Different product or service reviews can be expressed in various ways, with some being better than others. Review summaries can range from approval percentages calculated out to a couple of decimal places to a thumbs up/thumbs down icon. This WordPress review plugin is WooCommerce compatible and gives you this flexibility.

You can for example show star ratings on Google Search results using any of its 16 pre-made templates that can be tailored to fit your brand.


Something for everyone, and all of it good. Starting with a pair of website building tools, we move on to more specialized tools and services. These can extend the capabilities of your online presence and manage your website. They also can fix what needs fixing.

Most of these website “enhancements” would require a huge effort on your part. These are, therefore, more than worth their weight in gold.