Grab Our Free Printable Functional JavaScript Cheat Sheet

    M. David Green
    M. David Green

    Functional programming (FP) has become a hot topic in the JavaScript community. It’s being touted as a great way of building scalable and maintainable applications and we’re staring to see many of its core principles incorporated into libraries and frameworks — for example stateless functional components in React.

    At a first glance, functional programming can seem hard and full of mysterious sounding terms such as currying, recursion and composition. But fear not, we’ve got you covered! This cheat sheet offers an easy-to-follow, high-level overview of the main FP concepts and how they translate to JavaScript. It serves as a great reference for anyone looking to quickly brush up on the subject (for a job interview, for example), as well as an introduction to the topic for the less experienced programmer. Each section comes with a runnable code sample and links to further reading, so that you can deepen and solidify your knowledge of the various topics.

    Learning functional programming is a great way to improve your developer skills. So what are you waiting for? Grab the cheat sheet now.