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10 jQuery Word/Text Counter Plugins

Sam Deering

These awesome jQuery plugins that we have collected will allow you to count characters or words that you input into textareas, just like the way twitter monitors how many characters you have entered. Check them out! Enjoy!

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1. Word Counter for Textarea

jQuery plugin to display word-count of Textarea. Please note that it is word count plugin not character counter.

Word Counter for Textarea


2. NobleCount

Is a customizable jQuery plugin for a more the improved counting of the remaining characters, and resulting behaviors, of a text entry object, e.g. input textfield, textarea.



3. Word and character counter

This jQuery counter plug-in allows you to count characters or words, either up or down. You can set a goal for the counter to reach. Once the goal is reached, it will prevent the user from continuing to type.

Word and character counter

Source + Demo

4. jQuery Simply Countable

jQuery plugin that provides a character counter for any text input or textarea.

jQuery Simply Countable

Source + Demo

5. jQuery textCounting

jQuery plugin that counts the number of characters or ‘words’ (blocks of characters separated by one or more spaces) in a textarea every time a character is typed in the textarea, and will display either the number of words or characters in the textarea or how many words or characters can still be typed before reaching the set limit.

jQuery textCounting

Source + Demo

6. jqEasyCharCounter

Is a simple jQuery character counter plugin that easily adds a counter to any input field. It works with both textareas and text fields.

The jqEasyCharCounter


7. Textarea Words, Characters counter, characters limitation plugin

This plugin allows you to set and limit user input by max characters within html textarea (it is only limited by characters other than words). It binds key-up, paste and drag events.

Textarea Words, Characters counter, characters limitation plugin

Source + Demo

8. Char Counter

This plugin will limit the number of characters that can be typed into a text area or textbox.

Char Counter


9. Show Character Limit

Display interactive feedback about a text field or text area with character limit. Caller provides the element that contains the feedback (or it can be calculated dynamically from the text field’s id). Supports instrumenting multiple fields at once, per jQuery convention.

Show Character Limit

Source + Demo

10. Custom Maxlength

This plugin makes it easy to apply a “maxlength” attribute to custom elements for example a textarea. It also gives you the possibility to add a nice character counter under the element that shows the user how many chars he/she has left before the maxlength is reached, and/or an alert message.

Custom Maxlength

Source + Demo