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youRhere jQuery plugin – Help your readers read!

Sam Deering

youRhere jQuery plugin

I guess the following situation is happening at least once per day to each one of you.
Your’e reading a very interesting (but long) article on a website when suddenly Someone call you or maybe you need to go (“go” – like go to the bathroom).. When your’e finally get back to your reading, you notice that your can’t rememeber where you sttoped or worse – someone has just close your browser…

youRhere jQuery plugin allow users to mark, highlight and save their reading progress by clicking a line on a webpage. The plugin uses HTML5′s local storage API for the saving actions, so next time when the user will access the relevant web page, the plugin will scroll his window to the marked line on the page.


  • 100% Free
  • Using HTML5 local storage API
  • Full “rtl” & “ltr” support
  • First time usage wizard
  • Very easy to implement
  • Cross Browsers support
  • Multiple configurability options
  • 1 JS file – Only 10k (not minified)

youRhere is a very flexible and easy to use plugin, and it’s give you as a developer a lot of configuration options to control the “look and feel” of the mark and highlight styles.

In last release(v1.3), the plugin added a support for new users – including an intuitive “how to use” wizard.

Download: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fkandkgadbpobooanbmiiinlelnhbabm/
Demo: https://yourhere.gandtblog.com/#demo


Daniel Sternlicht | Front End Developer – https://danielsternlicht.com/