How to Customize the WordPress ToolBar

Whether you find the WordPress toolbar useful or useless, it's easy to customize the menus or remove them entirely. Craig reveals how...
Craig Buckler, 2 days ago

Easily Change Your WordPress URL

Have you ever needed to move your WordPress installation? Perhaps you have a development site to move to a production environment, or wish...
Charles Costa, Aug 03

10 Easy WordPress Security Tips

If your WordPress installation has ever been cracked, Craig provides ten simple solutions which can enhance security within minutes.
Craig Buckler, 3 days ago

Handling WordPress Security

WordPress security is a challenge. WordPress is the biggest player in the content management system market, and is an undisputed player on...
Chris Burgess, Jul 07

Securing a WordPress Site with SSL Using CloudFlare

In this video, we'll show you how to secure your WordPress website by setting up an SSL certificate using CloudFlare. Your information...
Kray Mitchell, May 26

How to Take Control of Page and Post Revisions in WordPress

WordPress records a copy of every post revision so you can revert to earlier versions. That can be useful but is it affecting your...
Craig Buckler, 3 days ago

Securing a Joomla Site with SSL Using CloudFlare

In this video, we'll look at how to secure your Joomla! website by taking you through the steps to setup an SSL certificate using...
Kray Mitchell, May 19

Understanding "The Loop" in WordPress

Do you constantly hear WordPress devs talking about "The Loop", but you're not entirely sure what that is, or how to use it? Take a look!
Jeff Smith, 4 days ago
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