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SitePoint Themes, Dec 07

Easily Change Your WordPress URL

Have you ever needed to move your WordPress installation? Perhaps you have a development site to move to a production environment, or wish...
Charles Costa, Aug 03

7 Ways to Make WordPress Simpler for Users

Despite being one of the easier Content Management Systems, WordPress can be bewildering for some users. Fortunately, the experience can...
Craig Buckler, 21 hours ago

Handling WordPress Security

WordPress security is a challenge. WordPress is the biggest player in the content management system market, and is an undisputed player on...
Chris Burgess, Jul 07

Securing a WordPress Site with SSL Using CloudFlare

In this video, we'll show you how to secure your WordPress website by setting up an SSL certificate using CloudFlare. Your information...
Kray Mitchell, May 26
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5 WordPress Plugins for Backups and Migrations

It's not hard to backup or migrate your WordPress sites - there are so many amazing choices, there's no reason you can't get it done...
Jeff Smith, a day ago

Securing a Joomla Site with SSL Using CloudFlare

In this video, we'll look at how to secure your Joomla! website by taking you through the steps to setup an SSL certificate using...
Kray Mitchell, May 19

Develop WordPress Themes Faster with Gulp

WordPress theme developers need little more than a text editor and graphics package. But modern tools like Gulp can revolutionize your...
Craig Buckler, a day ago
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