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UI Designs with Sketch 40 – Live Lesson!

Jeff Smith, Adam Rasheed

Adam Rasheed Live Lesson

UI Designs with Sketch 40 – Live Lesson!

You’ve surely heard of Sketch, right? Sketch is one of the premier design programs for user interface developers. It’s an amazing offering, even if only available on macOS.

Adam Rasheed

Adam Rasheed

In the last couple of weeks, Sketch has gone from version 3.0 to 40. With SitePoint Premium just releasing a course on Sketch 3, we thought it would be a perfect time to update the course with new lessons on Sketch 4.0.

In addition to new features, performance updates, we’d like to share those with you in a live lesson with Adam Rasheed, our instructor for the User Interface Design with Sketch 4 course.

By the end of the live lesson, you’ll have learned how to create a complete mobile-first UI web layout!

What’s a Live Lesson?

SitePoint is constantly releasing new content on the topics that you’re interested in hearing about. When we release new books and courses, we like to give you a chance to speak directly with the course creator and ask them your questions — live!

What Will the Live Lesson Cover?

In this 1 hour event, Adam Rasheed will be covering a detailed lesson on designing a mobile-first layout using the latest Sketch techniques including the latest tool updates. He’ll be covering, how to set up grids for a better-aligned design, use shared styles to create UI repeatable elements, best practices for typography and creating a set of typography for shared text styles. All of this is one section of his course.

How do I join?

Register to join and attend the event. You’ll be given an access link to watch and participate in the live lesson. You’ll then be able to watch Adam teach, and leave your questions for Adam in our chat room.

See you there!

  • Time: 1pm PST
  • Date: 26th October