The Freelancer’s Goal-Setting Guide

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This time of year is a very popular time for goal setting because you can use the freshness of the new year as a jumping point for change, a new attitude and renewed motivation. It can be overwhelming, though, if you haven’t kept up with your goals throughout the year.

Here is a collection of articles to get you back into a goal-oriented mindset and ready to focus on your biggest priorities in 2011.

7 Easy Steps to Get You Started with Goal Setting

Here is a quick and easy list of tips for those starting with a fresh slate. You can follow these seven steps to begin thinking about what you want to accomplish and set the foundation for the process you will follow to achieve it.

The 4-12-48 Solution

When you have limited time and a lot of work to do on your goals, try committing to small blocks of time for added productivity as described on the Success Begins Today blog.

Goal Setting Toolkit

There are a lot of free goal worksheets online, but this one provided on the Success Begins Today blog is one of the best I’ve found. It can be used as-is, or customized for your individual use, then carried with you wherever you go.

A Really SMART Way to Set Goals

Sometimes, we set ourselves up for failure when we create goals that are unrealistic. You can use the SMART acronym to measure the validity of your goals as you’re creating them and during your regular goal check-ins.

SMART Goals + Motivation = Success

Now that you have the SMART test in mind, review these tips to make sure your motivation levels stay high and you keep your eye on the prize.

10 Simple Tips to Help You Achieve Even Your Most Ambitious Goals

A lot of goals or even just a few big goals takes constant attention, planning and commitment. Here are 10 reminders of ways you can stay on the course as the new year starts and life changes pace.

10 Goal Setting and Tracking Tools to Keep You Motivated

Everyone has a preferred system for tracking their goals and progress. If you like structured online accountability tools, here are 10 to test out.

Goal Check-In: How to Recover from a Progress Lapse

Ideally, you’ll have a ongoing process for working on your goals, but if you miss a few check-ins, all is not lost. Here is how you can regroup, refocus and get back on track again.

Use “Action Days” to Get Things Done

If you’re struggling to stay focused, scheduling an action day with an accountability partner may be a way to regain your footing. Read through these ideas by Amber Singleton Riviere on WebWorkerDaily.

The most important element of goal setting is taking time to focus on what you want to achieve, then designing the process that will best support you and the way you work. And it can be a very individual process. What has worked for you? What is your best tip for creating goals that you can stick to, even when time is a challenge?

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