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Tag: WordPress-hub

Advanced OOP for WordPress: Customizing REST API Endpoints

By Josh Pollock,

Josh Pollock digs into advanced OOP for WordPress, showing how to use filters to modify the WordPress REST API using an object-oriented approach. He walks through how to create a WordPress plugin to modify the capabilities of WordPress REST API endpoints so they can be better optimized for search.

A Simple Guide to WordPress Starter Themes

By John Hughes,

WordPress starter themes can help to speed up your development workflow, by providing foundational code that will get you started. If you’re new to theme development, they can also be an excellent teaching tool. In this post, we’ll introduce five stellar examples for you to try out on your next WordPress project!

Top 10 Tips to Fix Most Common WordPress Security Issues

By Mark Wilson,

Three out of every four WordPress websites are vulnerable to attacks. If your site is hacked, it will not only cost you in terms of restoring the system back to a safe level, but it will also damage your reputation and affect your search engine ranking. Mark Wilson offers ten tips for fixing WordPress security issues.