Sketch Style: Ten Fonts and Ten Design Elements

By Jennifer Farley

sketch1Yesterday, we had a look at a few of the many fine Sketchy or Hand-drawing style sites on the web. Today, I’ve put together some resources that you might find useful if you are interested in applying that style to your own designs.

Here’s a compilation of fonts, photoshop brushes and vectors that have been sketched, hand-drawn and doodled.  All of the following design elements are free for personal use. For commercial use, please check the licence.

Les oeufs de Cassowary, Normal by Albertine Nerevan

Tiza by Pablo Caro


Tusj (Indian Ink) by Magnus Cederholm (


Sketch Block by Lukas Bischoff


Sketchy Times by !Exclamachine Type Foundry


Green Pillow by Billy Argel


Denne Threedee by Denise Bentulan

Pee Pants Script by Kirk Shelton Check out his website too , for lots of cool sketchy illustration and inspiration.


Atman Dingbat by Eyesaw


Che Viva Banana by Font Environment . There’s lots more sketchy style dingbats on their site too.


There are of course, plenty more sketchy fonts available. Here’s the sketchy and hand-drawn styles on dafont.

Design Elements

Urban Scrawl Photoshop brushes from Invisible Snow


Scribbles and Doodles Photoshop brushes from my favourite brush “artiste” Osidian Dawn


Doodles and Sketches Vectors from Spoon Graphics


Hand-drawn arrows, RSS logos and social marketing icons from Think Design. –


Another from the Think Design blog, is this set of Vector Marker Scribbles.


Hand-drawn vector icons from Blog Theme Machine


Hand-drawn social networking icons from Charfish Design


Heart Doodle Photoshop Brushes by Susan Libertiny


Squishy Sketches by Squishy Paws


Andantonius’ Pencil Brush combined with paper action

This is a brush AND a photoshop action which used together will allow you to create natural looking pencil sketches.


So that should keep you busy for a while! Have you got some hand-drawn resources you’d like to share?

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  • Black Max

    Nice compilation! You put some time and effort into this. Thanks.

  • brandaggio

    A really inspiring list and article…appreciated!

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  • leisureforte

    These are all very RAD! Great job, thanx Leisureforte

  • TomBradshaw

    Some really nice fonts and inspiring set of illustrations. I’m trying to do something similar for my portfolio site

  • glenngould

    I agree some nice fonts and stuff here in the list.

    If you need hand drawn sketchy bookmark icons though, I advise the most unique ones that you could have: your own ;)

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