By Kevin Yank

SitePoint at Web Directions South

By Kevin Yank

Drink cardsHotel and flights: check. Sound equipment: check. Giant posters: check. PowerPoint slides: check. Drink cards: check. XBox 360 winner selection tool: check.

The SitePoint contingent for Web Directions South wings its way to Sydney today. Just like last year, you can expect a pile of blog posts covering the event to hit SitePoint over the next few days.

If you’re at the conference, be sure to say “hi!”, not only because our pockets will be lined with drink cards for the closing party on Friday night, but because SitePoint is looking to hire. We’re after fans of web technology to supplement our editorial team, and a conference like Web Directions is a perfect opportunity for a recruiting push.

So for those of you in the neighbourhood, see you in Sydney. For everyone else, well, maybe we’ll see you in Vancouver instead!

  • That’s right Kev, we’re about 4 hours away from tracking North to Web Directions South. With the amount of stuff we’ve packed to give away I’m glad our bags will be a whole lot lighter on the way home.

    From SitePoint we have Lucas Chan, Lachlan Donald, Matt Magain, Simon Mackie, Kevin Yank and myself heading up to Sydney. If you’re going please connect with us via the Web Directions “Connections” site. We’d love to meet you!

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