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RubySource: Just Do It: Learn Sinatra, Part Two

By Darren Jones

In part one of this tutorial, we set Sinatra up and displayed some pages. Now the fun really starts – we will be using a database to store our tasks in. In this tutorial we will be using SQLite for the local database.

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RubySource: Just Do It: Learn Sinatra, Part Two

Darren Jones has enjoyed coding since learning how to program in BASIC on his first Acorn Electron computer. Since then, he’s taught himself Ruby and Javascript. He is the author of Learn to Code using JavaScript, JavaScript: Novice to Ninja and Jump Start Sinatra. He also produced the 'Getting Started With Ruby' video tutorials for SitePoint Premium and has written a number of articles on the SitePoint website. He was born in the city of Manchester in the UK, where he still lives and teaches Mathematics and Computing at a local high school. You can find him on Twitter @daz4126.

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