CEO Blog – We’ve Partnered With A Book Apart

    Simon Julian
    Simon Julian

    We’re very proud today to announce our partnership with A Book Apart, whom we’ve admired for a long time and who we think do some pretty amazing work around really relevant and useful content for web professionals.

    If you’ve never heard of these guys I’d really encourage you to go and take a look. They’ve been publishing very detailed and high quality viewpoints of single topics for a fair while now, with a stated goal of shedding clear light on a tricky subject and doing it fast so that you can get back to work – more about A Book Apart here.

    At SitePoint we’re very focused on our goal of sharing our passion for building incredible Internet things with our readers and members, generally with a heavy focus on being useful, actionable and helping people to solve tricky problems. That’s why the partnership with A Book Apart made so much sense to us.

    From today A Book Apart’s entire catalog is available on Learnable our online learning platform, both as part of an annual membership and to buy as one-offs . We believe that the addition of A Book Apart’s catalog to SitePoint’s offering of over 70 ebook titles and many screencasts, online courses and learning paths creates a unique and valuable offering for both current and new members to enjoy.

    We’re very pleased again to welcome A Book Apart into the SitePoint family!