By Craig Buckler

Is Opera 10.5 the Best Browser Ever?

By Craig Buckler

Opera 10.5Opera has one of the most rapid browser release schedules and 10.5 is now available — just in time for Microsoft’s EU browser choice screen. You’ll need to download it from, although automatic updates from previous versions will appear shortly.

Opera 10.5 is a significant update — other browser vendors would have bumped up the major version number. Here’s what you can expect:

  • excellent W3C standards support
  • a private browsing mode
  • native widgets — independent applications which continue to work when the browser isn’t running
  • a new interface
  • a new JavaScript and graphics engine — Opera claim it’s the fastest browser on Earth.

These last two aspects are the biggest changes…

Stunning Surfing

Opera’s always been one of the better-looking browsers, but Jon Hicks has made 10.5 look glorious. The most noticeable change is the Chrome-like removal of the title bar and menu.

Opera screen

The red ‘O’ icon can be clicked to access the most frequently-used options and show the menu bar if you want it.

Opera screen

The whole interface can be configured to your taste. Icons can be added and removed, panels can be re-arranged, and even the window color can be changed.

It’s also the first non-Microsoft browser to offer a fully-integrated Windows 7/Vista experience with Aero, jumplists and taskbar tab support. It’s a welcome addition and many users will appreciate the productivity benefits.

Finally, Opera has removed the irritating modal dialog boxes and replaced them with page overlays or panels. “Find in Page” is the best I’ve seen — it dims the page content and highlights all instances of the word. I expect competing browsers will replicate that feature soon.

Opera screen

Superior Speed

Although it has a reputation for speed, Google Chrome appeared to overtake Opera during the past year.

Opera is making bold claims about their new Carakan JavaScript engine. I tested it using the SunSpider benchmark and Opera came out top. It was only 1% faster than Chrome, but more than twice as fast as Firefox 3.6. JavaScript benchmarks don’t tell the whole story and your experience could be different, but the engine is certainly one of the quickest.

Every vendor claims their browser is the fastest — even Microsoft — and “proof” can be offered with tests that exploit known optimizations. However, one of the best independent reviews of the top five browsers is available at Tom’s Hardware. In summary:

  • Opera and Chrome come out top, but Chrome just edges ahead with more second places.
  • Opera is especially fast when handling plugins such as Flash, Silverlight and Java. YouTube pages load are almost twice as fast as Firefox and three times faster than Chrome.
  • Opera’s memory usage is higher for a single tab, although the differences reduce as more tabs are opened.

Forget the charts, though. Browser margins in most of the tests are measured in milliseconds and the differences will be imperceivable. What matters is how fast the browser feels to you on your machine. In my experience, Opera is more than a match for Chrome and it offers far more features.

Is Opera “the fastest browser on Earth”? I find no reason to dispute their claim.

Switch Straightaway?

OK, so Opera’s fast. It looks fabulous. It has more features out of the box than any competitor. It offers great developer tools. Standards support is excellent and it’s usually the first to pass ACID tests. And almost every aspect of the browser can customized or configured.

Yet it’s not my default browser. Opera retains a tiny 2% market share which has barely changed during the past decade. Continue reading The Problem With Opera…

Have you switched to Opera 10.5? What do you love about the browser? What do you dislike?

  • teemflmngo

    Still not available for Mac :(

  • ejrodgers

    I’ll take it for a spin and see what it’s like. I have all the major browsers, installed so I can test websites. I’ve tended to be a Firefox/Chrome users but if Opera 10.5 does the job better, I’d have no problem, switching.

  • I’ve been a long-time Opera user but I feel they rushed this release to be ready for the EU browser ballot screen as there were a lot of bugs included with the final release candidate (including radio and checkboxes not showing up!), only some of which were fixed for the final version. I’ve still got problems with it including not being able to log in to certain sites which were fine before upgrading (and which work fine in other browsers) and email folder windows showing lots of empty rows at the bottom of the pane.

  • DaneoShiga

    Opera has some of these characteristics even before 10.5, it has been highly configurable for a long time already, and the “Find in Page” search using “/” or “.” always has been the best search of all browsers.

    i’m waiting for the linux version, using opera since it became free.

  • I’m impressed with this release, it really is awesome. The new compact interface is actually amazingly similar to the heavily-customised install I had on my netbook. Plus it does *feel* quicker. I kept thinking it was just the novelty of a new version, but after a few days it still feels really snappy.

    The version number definitely should have gone up to 11. But then, Chrome should only be on 1.3. It seems all the browser companies play silly buggers with version numbers these days – it’s annoying.

    I think people should give Opera 10.5 a proper try, not a “two minute poke before retreating to firefox to bitch about the memory leaks” ;) But I know people won’t do it. I’ve often wondered if Opera just needs a funkier name. “Dude! My browser’s a fox, made of FIRE! RAWR!”

  • Daniel

    I use it all the time. My favorite browser :)

  • I’d love to upgrade from 10.10 to 10.50 but opera has decided to only release 10.50 for Windows so far. I’m running Ubuntu and really really want to upgrade. We haven’t even had the beta yet as far as I know, just an alpha release :(

    I love opera to bit though, It’s a brilliant browser and just keeps getting better and better :)

  • Stevie D

    I’ve been an Opera fan since about v5 – the only thing I don’t like about it is that there are a couple of sites I go to regularly that have problems – one sometimes incorrectly throws up an error via Javascript, and the other I have to pretend to be using Fx and then it works fine.

    The new engines sound like good news, anything that speeds up browsing is good – Opera is speedy already and this will make it better than ever.

    The inline find has been there before (but without dimming the page) – the one thing that I’ve not worked out how to do yet is to cycle through all occurrences of the search term. The new interface – I’ll have to see. I quite like having the menu bar on screen – it may not look quite as pretty, but the functionality of having all those options right there in front of you is far better. I don’t like Chrome’s minimalist interface – I can’t decide if they have hidden too many options from view, or if there just aren’t enough features in the browser to start with, but there never seems to be quite enough there.

  • I think this new version of Opera is their best yet, but I’ll stick with Firefox because of the extension architecture.

    FYI: Safari for Mac has had the ‘page dim/results highlight’ Find behaviour for a while.

  • @Tyssen Hang on, we’re giving Opera the thumbs up, and you’re bagging it? It must be cold down there in Hades today…

  • gunnarlium

    I’ve been using Opera since about version 7, and I’m still loving it. For me, Opera has always been the fastest browser in use, not because of specific tests, but because of the enhanced browsing experience.

    They were first with tabs.

    First with mouse gestures (I particularly enjoy the “click-gestures”, left-right-click in sequence to forward, right-left to go back), this also works for signing in to web sites (no need to moce the mouse pointer the the submit button, just click left-rigth button).

    Speed dial is very efficient, and if you’re willing to organize your bookmarks with nicknames, you can hit shift-F2 to start spelling the name of the site. As soon as the entered letters provide a unique match, the site is loaded.

    They were also first with integrating google search, history search (and all kinds of other searches) in the address bar.

    And I also feel that changing between tabs, navigating the history and a whole lot of other features are a lot faster than rest (and especially compared to Firefox).

    Guess I’m a bit of a fanboy, but that only proves that Opera is fan worthy (slight disclaimer: I’m from Norway).

  • Loved Opera since I started using it. So much better then any other browser. Their development tools still don’t quite stop me from using firebug though.

  • Opera has been my default browser since 2005, and I did update to 10.50 on my Windows box at the office. Still waiting for the Linux version at home.

    The new UI took a few minutes to get used to, but I already like it.

    Definitely the best version yet, and it leaves the competition in the dust, no two ways about it.

  • I’ve actually already written an article called “The Problem with Opera”. Take a look at:

    Written late last year.

    Am going to write a follow up soon.

  • Carlo

    Removal of the page title from the top is bad: the tab space is too small to host the entire title of a page. Being able to read *all* the title is important as many pages have the site name at beginning followed by the specific page name. I’ve found Chrome very unusable because of this (and the lack of many other features).

  • Andreas

    Nice review! I’ve been using Opera for many years and love this browser!

    For Mac/Linux version (still beta), look here:

  • sa1

    @ carlo If you hover your mouse on a tab you can read the title on the status bar.
    Also in the skins gallery you can find opera standard skin without title/tab bar integration. And you can also use the bundled in windows native skin.

  • @get_dave: I can’t find anything in that article that explains what the ‘problem’ with Opera is. All I find is a description of your own inability to leave your comfort zone to try something radically different.

    I was the same, 5 years ago. Then I switched to Linux and Mozilla’s failure to render legible fonts made me give my old ‘second browser’ – Opera – a fair try. I’ve never looked back since.

    Firefox is far too basic without lots and lots of extensions that, from what I’ve read, cause untold problems with upgrades. A comparison I saw said Firefox needs 150 (!) extensions to match the built-in features of Opera.

    Chrome also lacks many features, especially usable keyboard navigation. I’ve never found any browser except Opera that provides that. (But I’m sure there’s some obscure Firefox extension for it …)

  • Julius

    Usually when I start working web development I open two browsers, first is the Firefox (an effective tool for web developers) and second is Opera which I use for research because Opera is fast.

  • hindins

    I fall in love with Opera every time I open it. But I only use it for testing purposes. I use Firefox with firebug and web dev for my primary work browser, IE6 because my job makes me and Flock for my personal / social media browsing. I guess I don’t use Opera mainly because its quite different and theres the learning curve :(

  • Marv S.

    I downloaded Opera 10.50 and had problems. First, the main menu bar disappeared. No “File — Edit” etc. I use Opera as my feed reader and without the Feeds in the main menu bar, it is far less useful. But even worse was that many pages would not load, including Google. I reverted back to 10.10 and I’ll wait until they work out the bugs.

  • @Matthew Magain I don’t think I’ve ever given Sitepoint a hard time about Opera in the past. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I use it but can’t remember taking Sitepoint to task over some issue related to Opera.

    But I stand by my previous statement: I’ve never had so much trouble with an upgrade of Opera as I have with this release.

  • Diego

    i think it is, i’ve been testing browsers for a long time, and before opera 10.50 chrome was the best, good velocity and good standars, but opera 10.50 smash chrome

  • Siddharth

    I think firefox is better than Opera & chrome.

  • anon

    I think I must be the odd one out because IMO it’s incredibly ugly.

    If you want style, get Chrome.

    If you want functionality and reliability, get Firefox.

    Opera has been garbage ever since it started out with that “buy now for 29 USD” banner. Market share is as lousy today as it was back then.

  • Stevie D

    If you want functionality and reliability, get Firefox.

    No, if you want functionality, get Opera. Firefox is god-awfully basic, it does virtually nothing natively. To do anything vaguely useful, you have to find, download and install an extension – which takes time to do, and slows your browser down. The functionality of almost all of the most popular Firefox extensions are native in Opera, which means they are easier to find, simpler to use, and don’t clog up your computer.

    Opera has been garbage ever since it started out with that “buy now for 29 USD” banner. Market share is as lousy today as it was back then.

    Don’t confuse quality with market share. The Sun is popular, but The Times is a better newspaper. Opera has always been a great browser, although the ads used to be an irritation (but they have been gone for years, surely you can’t still be bitter about them?), but it has never had the marketing budget or clout to really make it into the mainstream.

  • VlaD

    Hi Guys!!!!
    First of all, great interface rearrange :P, great accessibility and usability, very nice work!!! Thumbs Up!!!
    Well, I don’t much care about “who is the quickest”, but opera 10.5 has some issues with handling FaceBook pages!!!
    There are some bugs to fix, I think at least!!!
    My opera 10.5 crashes a lot on a facebook website, randomly, but still, it is very unpleasant!! Is it opera’s fault or facebook’s (May be in JS engine)???
    Did anyone come across with such problems on social network sites like facebook??

  • Stve

    @Siddharth, I doubt that you’ve ever used Opera or if you have that you’ve taken the time to learn how to get the best out of it.
    “I think I must be the odd one out because IMO it’s incredibly ugly.”
    I love the new transparent toolbars in Opera but if you have the wrong background image on your desktop it can be ugly but it’s so easy to change the skin goto Menu/Appearance/.
    Apart from Opera is there another browser that lets you right click a toolbar button & remove it, take the big red Opera button on the top left click it & the menu bar springs out with an option to show menu bar.Personally i get rid of that button right click on it/customize/remove if i need the menu bar i use the alt key.
    With opera you can enable the status bar then press shift & drag the button’s onto either end of the tabbar you let go when an insertion point shows, right click on any toolbar /customize/appearance & you can enable the toolbars you want if you want the tabar on the bottom or side no problem.
    I love the way the Panels are spring loaded on the left click on the left side of the screen & they spring open & the tab you are on fits into the remaining space.The Notes panel is brilliant for research.
    There are so many options in Opera from keyboard shortcuts , mouse gestures, voice control,High contrast B&W or W&B, Fit to Width and of course you can always type opera:config into the address bar if you need more options for example i always disable bitorrent in opera as i prefer utorrent. Of course you can always google Opera custom buttons for more options but custom buttons have the same problem extensions have in other browsers they don’t always work well with the latest version.
    Had another look at google Chrome last night it seems very inflexible & bare bones compared to Opera, i tried to open the page i was on in IE no go so i look for an extension easy enough but what if i want to open it in Opera or Safari do i load an extension for each of them, in Opera you just right click on a page & open with & choose the browser you want from a list of your installed browsers.In google Chrome no mouse gestures so you go looking for an extension which one do you use is A best or B or maybe its X so you end up trying them all out & install the best version & no doubt there will be another twenty or more extensions you need.
    Unless there is also an extension to speed up Chrome? it’s now slower & probably less stable than the default Chrome & when Chrome releases a new version do all your extensions still work ?
    The majority of Internet users do not bother adding extensions to a browser a lot of them are probably running their monitors at the wrong desktop resolution & how many are sill using IE 6 or 7 it’s not because they are stupid but they don’t care they just want it to work.
    Opera has everything wrapped up into a small download if you don’t use some options like the inbuilt bit torrent or mail client it’s not a problem they don’t get in the way.
    Is all perfect with Opera of course not but for me it’s the easiest one to live with, i am using Opera 10.5 beta for now as I’ve had problems installing the final 10.5 version it’s the first time I’ve ever had problems installing Opera I’m guessing the release was rushed a bit for the Microsoft browser ballot.
    @Siddharth “Opera has been garbage ever since it started out”
    For a browser that is garbage it’s funny that so many of it’s features have been copied by the other browsers.

  • VlaD

    C’mon guys!!!! Stick to the subject a little bit!!!
    There are some issues with this browser, I want to understand wtf is going on with opera 10.5!!!
    The Flame is pointless! But I will give my small opinion of browsers.
    1. Opera is always full of innovation, thumbs up big time, that’s why IT IS #1 browser.
    2. IE is popular(widely used), because it is pre-installed, otherwise garbage!!! Zero usability or accesibility and I am not talking about W3C standards!
    3. Chrome, new, fresh, but stupid, I don’t get it :(. I don’t like it. Do you know that every tab you open in Chrome starts new chrome.exe process, lets say I have opened 20 or 30 tabs, do the math of memory usage. And also puts googlecrashnadler to the startup folder, so it starts with the system by default, and I hate when some progs do that without my permission :(
    4. Finally Firefox, my favorite tool for testing and maintaining web-design. Fast when it is fresh installed, but awfully slow when I throw 10 or more extensions, very sad. I will give it #2 browser.
    5. Safari is out of discussion, nothing extra ordinary with this one.

    … I don’t want any flame, it is my opinion and I am not going to argue.

  • WinkyWolla

    Someone has a stick up his behind… Namely Siddharth :D

    Opera has been garbage ever since it started out with that “buy now for 29 USD” banner. Market share is as lousy today as it was back then.

    So you are judging Opera today based on what it was several years ago.

    Good one.

  • stve

    apologies to Siddharth my previous post should have been directed at anon

  • stve

    Internet Explorer 8 is a huge improvement on previous versions & they have started adhering to standards a lot more lately which has helped Opera it’s extremely rare for me to have open a page in IE & when i do 9 times out of 10 IE is having the same problems as Opera.
    Opera is my number 1 browser
    Safari is number 2 very elegant & it does have something Opera lacks colour management of photos
    The third one i use is Internet Explorer 8
    Chrome & Firefox i don’t use why bother spending the time installing extensions when i already have Opera.
    If Opera went under, disappeared i would make Chrome or Firefox my main browser.

  • PD

    My biggest gripes with Opera are the ‘papercuts’ … small niggling ways it differs from other browsers. Example: Firefox, Chrome and Safari (and even IE) have very similar shortcuts, e.g. ctrl click to open a link in a new tab. Despite Opera’s uber-customizable interface, you can’t actually remap ctrl+click to open a link in a new tab — astonishing!

    Incidentally, I had trouble signing up for a Gmail account with Opera 10.5 (the ‘check availability’ button doesn’t work). Opera always seems to have more than its fair share of site bugs like this.

  • Stevie D

    Incidentally, I had trouble signing up for a Gmail account with Opera 10.5 (the ‘check availability’ button doesn’t work). Opera always seems to have more than its fair share of site bugs like this.

    Ninety-nine times out of ten, when glitches like that occur it’s because the site programmers have messed up, and Opera is behaving exactly as it has been told to – I know it’s frustrating, but it’s hardly fair to blame Opera for obeying the rules…

  • RobUK

    @PD: Try middle-clicking on a link to open it in a new tab in the background, or Shift+Click to open in a new tab and switch to that tab.

  • JOKe

    JavaFX is still broken.
    if you hack and mask as firefox the whole browser freezes still when javafx is loaded SHAME !
    if you emulate that you are firefox the gmail is not displayed properly
    if you emulate that you are IE the gmail stops on ~95% loading …. SHAME again.
    fonts on the tabs looks strange under windows – SHAME
    as a result I can say – guys chrome is 100 times better.

  • Joel

    It doesn’t even support border-radius as far as I can tell. I’ll stick with Google Chrome for now.

  • JohnL

    I’ve been a huge Opera fan since v6 (which I used to pay for) but I think 10.50 is perhaps the worst release ever. Many things are missing and many sites don’t work correctly. Also there are occasional long delays. I’d say if you want to try Opera use 10.10 as that’s stable and works well. (I’m now on the 10.51 snapshot, as 10.50 is so bad, not that 10.51 is much better, it’s just I’m chasing releases in the hope they will fix it before I give up and return to 10.10.) On the up side I’m playing with Chrome a lot more…
    IMHO Opera 10.10 is still the best browser out there.

  • if you hack and mask …
    if you emulate …

    So you lie and say you’re not using Opera, and then broken sites that use browser sniffing sends non-standard code intended for the other browsers you’re pretending to have … and this causes problems … and you think that’s Opera’s problem?!

    It doesn’t even support border-radius as far as I can tell.

    Opera 10.50 supports border-radius just fine.

  • WinkyWolla


    I think 10.50 is perhaps the worst release ever. Many things are missing and many sites don’t work correctly. Also there are occasional long delays.

    I’m not having any of these problems. If anything, more sites work in 10.50 than previous versions. Sadly, it sounds like you have managed to corrupt your Opera installation. You didn’t use the content blocker and accidentally block too much, did you?

  • stve

    Had a few problems installing Opera 10.5 mine were worse than John L I thought it completely broken but I left it running & a page loaded very slowly after about 5 minutes . I think the problems were related to syncing with my 10.5 beta had to remove both versions & install again
    & then synchronizing I still had problems with the Personal bar I have it on the right set to images & bookmarks were obscuring the big redX close button it cleared up when I added a Custom button for my Personal bar.
    By the way if you drag a tab to the desktop it opens a new window the way I used to do it dragging a a tab to the title bar won’t work with the new Google style tab bar.
    On the whole I’m loving the new 10.5

  • stve

    Still having problems with the Personal bar & a bookmark overlaying the close button my temporary solution is just drag any old tab to the top the close button is working fine.

  • OperaUserSince1997

    The Opera 10.5 is the best browser ever :)

  • Tobey

    I made the switch about four years ago and never looked back since then. Opera 10.5 made me think I may never need to look back in my life, as far as internet browser experience is concerned. The UI is simply gorgeous, minimalistic and efficient, the speed is astonishing, everything can be customized and backed up, not mentioning the relatively new great features like Opera Link and Unite. For some people, the internet is or For me, the internet “is” Opera because Opera has it all.
    *insert happy Operator smile here* :-)

  • Ash

    Opera is the best browser hands down. Every now and then it gives me a few glitches, but ever since I switched over to 10.50, it’s been working like a dream, except for one glitch with facebook. It’s unable to log me in, ever.

    Though, I don’t mind so much. It’s still way better, faster, and cleaner than the other browsers I’ve had.

  • Johnson

    I am very much impressed with Opera 10 I recently downloaded but not having a toolbar is a nuisance. Why is it hidden?

  • Anonymous

    Opera for mac and linux is available !!

    You may have to update MANUALLY THE SNAPSHOTS (BUILDS, OR PREVIEWS). You can explore the site also. . . :)

    Thanks for using Opera browser.

  • mk1992

    just installed 10.51 – page forward function now working BUT

    many pages have images not loading, including this one. sites includes,, the NSL still there on….

    on, a strange band of text appears in the middle of the page as I scrolled down the page.

    does anybody test this stuff before it’s released??

    speed is fine, but working functionality is better

  • JSaw

    Opera’s always been my favorite, IMO well worth learning to use. The community is great. Unfortunately, Opera 10.51 spams my CPU for 1 min. on startup!

  • JSaw

    update: for me, it looks like it’s choking loading its zip files (the skin and the .ua files in /unite)

  • WinkyWolla

    @mk1992, not problems loading sites or images here. Sounds like a problem with your computer. It has been tested, so they would have fixed it if everyone had problems like that.

    @Johnson, toolbar? You mean the main menu? Click the red button in the top left corner to enable the main menu again.

  • JSaw

    @JSaw: Start hang problem solved; removed the “Multiresizesearch” entry in my custom toolbar.ini [Browser Toolbar.content]. Upgrade install has worked fine for many versions. Such a kickass browser!

  • Anonymous

    It is the best browser ever!Such a lovely new design and it feels faster!

  • Love Opera But…

    Version 10.51 Beta for linux was a total pre-beta release more broken then working.
    and this one
    Version 10.51
    Build 3315
    Platform Win32
    System Windows XP
    Chokes and freezes on many websites. Might be related to Silverlight installed or java coded ads I haven’t gotten a chance to track them down.

    10.10 is still my Browser of choice for Linux.

    10.5x will no doubt mature but for now its pretty useless!

  • Alex

    Opera 10.51 problems, crashes, and Failure.

    I just restarted my affair with computers 4 years ago. I started with a timex-sinclair, but quit when windows came out.

    Four years ago the political and social corruption in America provoked me to create political websites. I chose Opera as my browser, and have used it ever since.

    Until now. Opera 10.51 is a terribly flawed browser, and these flaws have caused me to set up a firefox browser to take over where Opera has fallen flat on its face.

    First, the upgrade to 10.51 did not preserve my settings or set-up. After the install, it took 3 hours to find and get the features back where I wanted them, rather than how Opera decided I would use their features. That was really frustrating, but the problems were only just beginning.

    Everytime I start Opera 10.51, I have to be willing to spend ten minutes to get past its first crash.

    Yep, every time I fire up Opera 10.51 it crashes. Every time! Then it hangs up my computer, taking up to ten minutes to clear my system. Many times it will not clear, and I have to kill and restart my computer.

    During browsing I am not yet having all the problems rendering web pages that others are complaining about. Page rendering is good, but during browsing the damn thing will constantly lock up and crash.

    I complained about these problems to the Opera Forum, and was immediatly banned. I was conversing with another annoyed Opera 10.51 user/webmaster across the Opera Forum. Though he was withdrawing his reccomendation of Opera, I suggested to wait to see how the corporate Opera responded to user complaints.

    Then they banned me. So, I must suggest that you do not use Opera because of the fatal flaws in Opera 10.51. I also must condemn Opera as an irresponsible corporation that abuses their users, both with flawed products and with their bone-headed censorship of loyal users who have the termitidy to complain about the glaring problems in Opera 10.51

    The only people who should use Opera are people who do not want to get any work done on their computer.

    If you are excited by spending as much time trying to make your browser work as you do working, then Opera 10.51 is the product for you.

    Opera rushed this piece of S##T out to its loyal users (ME!!) so they could take advantage of the Windows Browser Option thing that is happening in Europe. This is going to blow up in their face, and will bring Opera out of obscurity, and into the full hatred of the poor souls who chose Opera as their browser.

    Opera’s downloads have apparently doubled as a product of the new Euro-browser option in Windows. Once all of these people download this flawed product, they will hate Opera forever. The poor decision by Opera to widely distribute a flawed product will result in a momentary rise in downloads, then a major collapse of Opera usage as all of the problems in this flawed browser infuriate users.

    This will kill Opera’s chances of ever becoming a major browser, which will kill Opera. After dealing with these problems in their browser, and the NAZI-STYLE suppression of fact and truth on their forums, I say good riddance.

    Overall rating of Opera 10.51: Sucks Ass
    Overall rating of Opera Corporate: Sucks Ass

    I believe all of us who relied on Opera should have a wake for the death of a once-great product.



  • Opera User

    I think Opera is the best browser ever.
    Since it is from 1995 even when google is not in picture there are developing the browser with lot of experience people out there.

    About the Functionality Opera is the best, Even though my PC is hanged with virus opera saves my life while browsing. the other browser crashed up.

    Being a Web Developer, It saves my lot of time while developing a web page with Opera Dragon Fly!!. The Opera Dragon Fly – have lot more functionality than firefox’s Firebug.
    Also Opera Dragon Fly is faster than Firebug.

    Opera is awesome in memory management, within less memory they have large amount of Extensions.

    Opera Unite is the great new technology out there. Also there have many application which are usefull such as File Sharing and File Inbox – which both are useful if you want to send large file with 100MB+ of size to your clients. Since we know our email client allows hardly 20-25MB for sending. Also there is no need of uploading the file server since our hardisk act as a server, just only we need to give path of the folder for which file sharing should be enabled.

    No Need for Outlook Express as they have inbuilt Free Mail Client and also for chat account.

    Also among the technology Opera is the far ahead, You know that in Opera 12 alpha new 3D hardware acceleration is comming so that we can play online 3d games with hardware accleration graphics.

    These are 20% feature i have explained even there are more i not even gathered that.

    Opera Keepit up for incorporating more and more technology.

  • Cc

    For the past 4 years I have been switching browsers and every one eventually hangs or crashed on me frequently. Switched to Opera last week and so far absolutely no issues. If this continues I will say Opera is hands down the best browser!

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