Node.js Tutorials

This Tutorials section of our Node.js Hub offers a wide range of lessons, tips and tricks for becoming a Node.js expert. It contains both Node.js tutorials for beginners and more advanced tutorials for those wanting to push their expertise to the next level.

Node.js Tutorials for Beginners

A nice starting point for building your confidence with Node.js is our tutorial on how to build a simple beginner app with Node, Bootstrap and MongoDB, which walks you through building a no-frills web app using Node.js. Instead of focusing on the end result, the tutorial focuses on a range of things you’re likely to encounter when building a real-world app β€” such as routing, templating, dealing with forms, interacting with a database and even basic authentication.

One thing you’re likely to need to know early on is how to deal with uploads, and we have a great tutorial on how to build a file upload form with Express and Dropzone.js.

It’s also extremely useful to have a solid grasp of user authentication, which is covered in our tutorial on how to manage user authentication in the MEAN stack β€” which employs the most common MEAN architecture of an Angular single-page app using a REST API built with Node, Express and MongoDB.

And for something a little bit more experimental β€” and a whole lot cooler β€” we even walk you through the basics of using Node.js to build your own robot! This tutorial introduces you to NodeBots, explaining what they are, how they work, and how you can get started tinkering away at robot creation.

And that’s not all! Apart from tons more Node.js tutorials for beginners, we also have a very cool video course on building a simple back-end project with Node.js.

Advanced Node.js Tutorials

For those ready to learn more advanced Node.js skills, we have plenty for you to chew on.

For example, we walk you through how to build a real-time chat app with Sails.js β€” a real-time MVC framework designed to help developers build production-ready, enterprise-grade Node.js apps in a short time.

You might also like to try your hand at building a JavaScript command line interface with Node.js, which highlights the broader potential uses for Node.js beyond traditional web applications. Or you could learn about authentication for Node.js apps, where we show how to implement authentication via Facebook and GitHub using Passport, an authentication middleware for Node.js that supports OpenId/OAuth.

We also have a range of Node.js video tutorial courses, such as Building a Node.js Application on iOS, Building a Node.js Application on Android and Creating a REST API with Node.js.

And There’s More

There’s an array of other article tutorials, books and courses listed below.

And don’t forget that this Node.js Hub also provides a Getting Started section, and covers an extensive range of Tools and Resources that complement Node.js as well.