Node.js IDEs, Frameworks, Tools & Other Resources

Once you have the basics of Node.js under your belt, and you’ve consolidated your Node.js skills with our extensive range of Node.js tutorials, the next step is to get familiar with the various tools and resources that complement Node.js.

This Tools section of our Node.js Hub covers Node.js tools, frameworks, IDEs and other resources that support the work of Node.js developers.

Our introduction to the automated task runner Gulp.js shows how Gulp can be used to improve page size. We also cover the uses of nvm, showing how it can can be used for installing multiple versions of Node.js … and why that’s useful.

We show how to use Express.js with Node.js to build websites, explaining how Express generator allows you to build apps in minutes, saving you from writing repetitive boilerplates when starting new Express-based projects. We also cover Sails.js, which is built on Express.js, showing how it adds real-time, bidirectional, event-based communication to applications.

We also introduce MeteorJS, a free and open-source JavaScript web framework that’s written using Node.js, which allows for rapid prototyping, and produces cross-platform code. For more on Meteor, check out our book on building your first Meteor app.

Other tools covered include MongoDB, an open-source, document-oriented, NoSQL database program, Hapi.js, a rich framework for building applications and services, and Mocha and Chai, two handy packages for unit testing your JavaScript code.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices of Node.js frameworks, check out our comparison of Express, Koa and Hapi.js, three choices that have been getting a lot of attention in recent times.

We also have a range of books and courses to support your learning of Node.js, such as a video on how to deploy a Node.js app to DigitalOcean, and our handy book version of the Node.js related tools and skills listed in this section of our hub.

There’s a huge range of other tools and resources listed below. For a complete overview of our Node.js offerings, head over to our Node.js Hub home page, or head straight to our Getting Started With Node.js section for more beginner-level resources, and our Node.js Tutorials section for in-depth lessons on working with Node.js.

Happy learning!